{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday Baby!

In two days my baby will be three!Where oh where has the time gone? … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday! Waterslide Fun!

Make sure to enter for a chance to win one of your own HERE! … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Little Booger

[Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Rope Swings!

There's a rope swing on one of our favorite islands on the river.Johnny absolutely loves it. … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Aren’t we adorable?

I know the quality is horrible, I took pictures or pictures.I was super excited to find this stack of pictures of hubby & I when we were teenagers.I thought I had lost them all in the fire. Someone must have given me these and I didn't realize.It's funny to look back at these and remember all the memories!I was only 15 in this photo!(I always hated this pic b/c it looks like my head isn't … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Let’s talk Stupid!

Have you ever seen a Bat this close up? Have you ever been this stupid to catch one in a Prego Jar and bring it to show your hubby? I was! Getting it out of the jar was much harder then getting it in, let me tell you! … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – More Wedding Pics!

Since I received so many compliments of the dress choice on the flower girl pic I posted last week. I thought I'd show you my dress. I loved that they were identical! She had a train on her dress even that had to be busseled like mine. I found out I was preggers while planning my wedding. I didn't want to rush the wedding up or get married pregnant. So we pushed back the date and got married … [Read more...]

Cutest Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Ever!

I was going through my wedding photos looking for a picture for a project and came across this pic. I absolutely love this pic of my son, the ring bearer, and Jailyn, my flower girl. Don't they look adorable? And I love how Johnny's eyes are wondering! (link up strictly for WW, I will delete non participating links) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday! The Monsters are back!

The Monsters are back visiting Gavin at night time...At this time we have look out stations. See Mr. Webkinz dinosaur on the top right corner of his bed? And "Good Monster" sitting on his night table? What you can't see: Mr. Turtle is perched on the windowsill, Miss Piggy is on dresser duty, and Cartwheel (tigger) is standing guard on the toybox! But he's sleeping right? LOL!ps. stay tuned for … [Read more...]