The Not So Dirty Thirty

Who would have thought this post would be so hard. Maybe, quite honestly, I thought it wouldn't happen. I thought it couldn't happen. But I did it. I lost that thirty pounds. I'm half way there. I still can't believe it. Wanna see what 30 pounds gone looks like? Don't mind my face. Clearly I'm busy looking elsewhere. Ugh. Now, I know I made a promise about sharing my numbers when I hit my … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} New Jeans

Mama bought her first pair of jeans in a long time and they are another size smaller! I'm also less than a pound away from my half way mark of 30 pounds lost! I'm kinda surprised I've made it here so far and I am so excited about seeing the end. When I hit thirty pounds I'll be sharing my next weight loss update and I'll be sharing all my numbers. Not going to lie, I'm nervous. ONLY … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} 1st Skirt

I'm finally looking at clothing again. I'm trying not to invest in too much but after feeling like I had nothing to wear to a wedding shower last weekend I knew it was time to find some pieces I could wear dressed up or casually. After the shower Gavin had a birthday party and none of the parents stuck around so I took it as an opportunity to head over to TJ Maxx that was just down the road. … [Read more...]

My #weightloss Journey! {26 pounds & a Haircut Later}

I haven't given any updates about my weight loss journey on here in quite awhile. If you follow any of my social media sites you know it has been an everyday part of my life now. I'm currently down 26 pounds. In just four pounds I will be at my half way point. If you wanna know a secret- I never thought I'd get here. I always had excuses. Always. Some of them I even believed. Then it hit me. Like … [Read more...]


When it comes to weight loss I get so frustrated. Frustrated when the scale isn't moving. Frustrated when I'm not fitting in my fat clothes but not fitting in the smaller size yet either. Frustrated with the weather because when it rains it means I can't hit the trails. Frustrated because I'm still looking at the fat girl in the mirror. Frustrated when no one notices how hard I'm … [Read more...]

I’m sick of being fat.

I almost left this post titleless. In fact this is the fourth time I've written this paragraph because well, really, who wants to admit we're fat? I wasn't always fat either and I still wouldn't call myself obese. At least I don't think. I'd like to consider myself pleasantly plump. I'd also like to tell you that I'm happy with who I am and what I look like but then I'd be lying to both of … [Read more...]