The Not So Dirty Thirty

Who would have thought this post would be so hard. Maybe, quite honestly, I thought it wouldn’t happen. I thought it couldn’t happen. But I did it. I lost that thirty pounds. I’m half way there. I still can’t believe it. Wanna see what 30 pounds gone looks like?

Don’t mind my face. Clearly I’m busy looking elsewhere. Ugh.

My Weightloss Journey #momspotted side view

Now, I know I made a promise about sharing my numbers when I hit my halfway goal but it was a lot harder to share this post than I thought it would be. I hit my goal a couple weeks ago and I’ve had these pictures since but I just couldn’t put them out there.

A promise is a promise so here’s where I started and my 30 pound goal accomplished!

scale Collage

I thought about just skipping this post and seeing if anyone noticed but this is a good thing. I’m half way there! Sure they aren’t the most flattering photos but I did it. I want to inspire you if you need that push. I know that when I got serious about losing weight I felt most connected to the people who put it all out there. Shared every detail. What they ate, what they did, where they started. I want to show you that just because you let yourself go you can do it. You just have to do it. If I can do it- I promise you that you can too!

So from here on out every week I plan on posting updates. Sharing things I’ve learned, changed, and what I’m eating. This isn’t just for you but to help hold myself accountable through the holidays.

My Weightloss Journey #momspotted

While of course I’m 30 pounds lighter I am 30x more critical of myself and 30x more aware of every bulge on my body. Of course it’s easy to obsess over it all but I just remind myself it’s not a race. I’ll get there- I just need to believe in myself and not give up!

It feels so good to go from this. A photo that pained me to share with you last winter when we vacationed in Florida.

Mommy & Sawyer in florida 2012

To this. A much, MUCH happier version of myself.

OOTD H&M Dress & Target Mossimo Heels

If you need a little motivation like the rest of us make sure to join my private facebook group called Motivational Mama’s! My next goal is 20 pounds by Christmas! Wanna join me?


  1. Kelly Lebo says

    You look amazing Jennifer, you look so confidant and and beautiful and it shows you are determined to attain your goals, great job. I didn’t know you had a secret facebook page for weightloss i will definetly join, I have lost over 20 lbssince june. It is work but I am not going to stop.

  2. Jenn, you look SO good! Thanks for having the courage to share your numbers. You are definitely right, the people that are the most inspiring are the ones that share all of the details, even the not-so-fun ones. You look healthy and happy now – great job, mama! β™₯

  3. Lea says

    Way to go, Jenn. You look great πŸ™‚ 20 by Christmas is totally do-able.

  4. Great job Jennifer! You look amazing.

  5. You’re doing great! Your Daily posts on Facebook inspire me. I have a long road ahead of me in February.

  6. I’ve loved watching your hard work pay off and keeping up with you as you get the boys involved in your journey to health. You have really inspired me to NOT use my kids as an excuse not to exercise but to get them involved instead! By the time Brynlee is born, I’ll have about 60 pounds to lose but since I know she’s our last for at least a few years, I’m ready. Thanks for being open and honest. You look great! And even better than how you LOOK is that just from interacting with you online, I can tell that you FEEL better too.

  7. Rebecca Orr says

    So so glad that you did post this. It is hard no doubt, but at the same time it shows just how far you have come. You are such an inspiration! I have lost 25 so far and I have so much more to loose (at least 100 more lbs) and it has been harder than I knew it would be.
    You are looking fantastic! Great job!

  8. I’m so proud of you for putting it all out there! I know how hard it was. You are amazing!

  9. Stephanie says

    Jennifer, you look amazing and are an inspiration. Can you share details of how you did it?

  10. You look fantastic Jennifer!!

  11. You are looking so good! You should be so proud of yourself. I love watching your updates and how happier you seem now! WTG!

  12. You look fabulous – what a transformation. You have inspired me!! I really need to get back to the group too!

  13. You look great! Go girl!

  14. Wow, great job! You are looking great. Keep it up!

  15. You are amazing, I am so proud at how much better you feel about yourself.
    You look so much happier in all your photos. I’m so glad for you. You know I always thought you were beautiful: inside and out, HUGGLES!

  16. Excellent job, Jennifer!

  17. You are such an inspiration, Jenn! You look great!!

  18. dannyscotland says

    You look amazing!!! This is a HUGE DEAL!!!! Oh my gosh, what an awesome accomplishment! Don’t be ashamed, be PROUD!!!

  19. I am so proud of you for your commitment to becoming healthy. You positively radiate health and happiness in your photos!

  20. Christina Shaffer says

    Wonderful !

  21. Lisa says

    Good for you! You look fabulous darling!

  22. Jess says

    I know I’ve said this so many times but you inspire me! I am so so proud of you! Not because you’re 30lbs lighter but you are much happier now! <3 keep going mama!

  23. Jennifer you look SO great! I have that same baby pouch just like you in April. I’m so proud of you!! xoxo!!

  24. Christine Mayfield says

    Wow you look amazing! What an inspiration! I have had my last baby this past year and i need to get my butt into gear to get this weight off once and for all.

  25. Marlena Griffin says

    Thank you so much for posting this. You are so inspiring!

  26. Keara B. says

    Congratulations, you look incredible! You are an inspiration to women everyone- never forget that. You’ve got an amazing amount of motivation and drive and I can’t tell you how much I admire that. Keep up the good work and stay positive!

  27. You look fabulous! I’m so glad that you decided to do this post!

  28. Richard Hicks says

    You look really great and should be so proud to have lost that much weight. Heck, I can’t even seem to lose 5lb and keep it off!

  29. You look absolutely beautiful my friend! You worked hard for what you’ve achieved so you deserve to be happy and continue to feel happy with yourself πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work and you’ll be to your goal in no time!

  30. Eileen Richter says

    So proud of what you always have been but now, we are seeing that YOU believe it too! Women have to just dig deep to learn that. Don’t know why it’s so hard for us. Good job!

  31. You are looking AWESOME, lady!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  32. Idaho Jill says

    congrats – great job!

  33. You look amazing! I really need to get motivated and this is helping! Requested to join your group!

  34. Dee says

    I’m so very proud of you and all of your hard work!! Way to go mama!

  35. OMGosh I LOVE this post!! You look so so good, you should be so proud of yourself!! Don’t you just LOVE looking at these pictures?!? And I’m jealous of your arms – my arms are so so fatty, I hate them.

  36. Beth says

    Way to go!! You and I must be on the same track, because I’m down 30 too. We can do it mama!

  37. MaryAnn says

    Wow congratulations! I am due in 2 weeks with my second baby and this gives me inspiration that I can lose the weight as well.

  38. Courtney says

    Congratulations!! You look great πŸ™‚

  39. Rachel C says

    Thanks for posting this – you really have done a great job! I’m sure it’s hard to share the pictures, but they make it real.
    Your hair is looking beautiful too πŸ™‚

  40. You’re looking good. Keep up the great work! Just don’t obsess over it and let it consume your every thought.
    I’m close to the 200 lb. mark and never would have guessed you as the same at your beginning weight. Your post motivates me to push more towards better habits.

  41. valencia williams says

    Wow I need to focus on my diet to I have been a diabetic for 21 years the older I get the harder it is for me to control it and keep the weight off.

  42. Alexia says

    It’s hard but it’s worth it! Keep going, you’re doing awesome! =)

  43. Wow! This is amazing!!! I appreciate you putting it all out there like that – very inspiring to see what a 30 pound difference can make!! Awesome job!

  44. Samantha H says

    Wow, Great job! I also have a goal on loosing 30 lbs. I am the biggest I have been my whole life right now. Even though I may weigh less then most women, I still have that extra baby weight I want off. Not just because of looks, but because I have seen a decrease in my health. Way to go! Wish me luck πŸ™‚

  45. Maggie says

    Lucky you,. Since giving birth to my 2 girls have been stuck at 186, Have never been this heavy in my life was always between 140 to 157. These days my willl power isnt strong enough for me to loose weight.

  46. justin tan says

    WOW!! great job! I was overweight and felt so unhealthy and lazy. I did a lot of workout and took care of my diet and lost about 30lbs last year. I still have about 10lbs more to go this year. Feel so good and so much lighter now. I want to be a fit dad to my son. that’s my ultimate goal

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