Give It Away Wednesday! 5.6.09 Enter Your Giveaways HERE!

Here it is another week of great giveaway I have found throughout blogger world. Remember in order to enter the giveaways make sure you go to those individual sites (you can click the name or picture). List your giveaways below, too!From Our Table To Yours has 2 cookbooks by Rachael Ray that I need! Prissy Green has a gift Card to Payless Shoes then I could get these awesome shoes! The … [Read more...]

Eardoc – Pain Relief and Treatment for infection, Otitis Media and Swimmers Ear – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

I wish I had known about Eardoc when my oldest was little! He had multiple ear infections sometimes multiple ear infections in the same ear all at once. We did our best to hold of on tubes because we didn't want to put him under before he was a year old...unfortunately his infections only got worse and he had tubes before he had his first birthday. We also learned several years later that he ended … [Read more...]

frolic design : Adorable Two Peas in a Pod review with Zippered Pouch GIVEAWAY {closed}

I love finding great shops on Etsy! I also love knowing we are supporting small businesses. I stumbled across this shop recently and was excited to get to share her with you:frolic designSpring Chicken Market ToteWho are you?I am a thirty-something year old mother of one. We live in Portland, Oregon. By day, I work as an Architect and commute to work by bike year-round, rain or shine. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

BISSELL Little Green Machine Carpet Cleaner Review and Giveaway!!!

Bissell is doing everything they can to help save our planet! They are doing everything they can in their company to help! They not only produce earth friendly products but do everything they can at their company to recycle! They have policies set in place all over their company to encourage recycling. All papers, card boards, Styrofoam, etc is recycled at Bissell. They even take the waste from … [Read more...]

TriDerma MD – Psoriasis Control for Face, Scalp, and Body! Review and Giveaway! {CLOSED}

As most of my daily readers know I suffer from severe psoriasis. If you don't know what that is Here is the textbook description:What is Psoriasis "Psoriasis is a lifelong condition affecting the skin or joints. The exact cause is unknown, but it tends to run in families. It is believed to be an autoimmune disease; that is, a person's immune system becomes overly aggressive. Several subtypes of … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Chicken Scratch! Giveaway!

This week's Featured Friday is Chicken Scratch. She has a store over at Etsy and she makes some great candles and bath & body products too! Plus, all her products are VEGAN! Make sure to peek on over there and check out her shop! Valencia Orange Essential Oil Soy Massage Candle Who are you? I'm Beth, a 30-something single woman who lives in San Diego, California. Vegan spa products are my … [Read more...]

TemporalScanner Thermometer by Exergen : Fast, Easy, Accurate Temperatures! Review and Giveaway!

As most of you know who have read some of my past postings know that I worked in the City ER before I had Gavin. I remember the day they walked in these new thermometers by Exergen Corporation and sat us down to watch a video on them. I remember thinking this was the craziest thermometer! It was called the Temporal Scanner Thermometer by Exergen. How would it ever be able to take an accurate … [Read more...]

Joolwe: Fun Jewelry Shopping: Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day! Giveaway! {closed}

There this really great new jewelry online store called Joolwe. I love the name.Joolwe. It's spelt how Gavin would actually say it. It has amazing pieces sure to make any Mom happy this Mother's Day. So when you are looking around for that special gift - make sure to stop on over toJoolwe. They carry everything from silver, gold, diamonds, gemstones, and cubic zirconia! If you want it, they have … [Read more...]

Charm Design – Original Handmade Bags – Review and Giveaway! {closed}

I promised you guys I would find you a purse! I didn't just find you any purse/bag though. I have found you Charm Designs, the maker of the best purse I have ever owned! If you are in need of a new bag, regardless of style, you NEED to take a look in this shop! And with 1,544 sales you know this is a seller with a great bag and a reputation you can trust! Sweet Japanese Flowers - Zipper Pouch … [Read more...]