JIMI and the NEW JIMIX – Products That Make Sense – Wallet Review and Giveaway!

Jimi Wallet has come up with a great new wallet and money clip that your Dad would love to get this Father's Day. Is your Dad or husband active in sports? How about water sports?The Jimi wallet is not only stylish but it's an extremely handy wallet to carry around. It's not as bulky and bothersome as many leading wallets and purses we carry around on a regular basis! Plus, this wallet compact, … [Read more...]

Aquasana Water Filters – Clean Pure Water From Your Faucet – Review and Giveaway!

If your Dad or Husband is anything like my Husband he lives off bottled water. With all the news out about the damage the bottles of this water craze we are in is doing to our planet I have been trying to find other options for us.If your looking for other options as well you need to check out Aquasana's Water Filter System! Their water filter was Awarded "Best Buy" in the Consumer's Digest 4 … [Read more...]

RetroRazor – The cleaner, cheaper, greener shave! Review and Giveaway!

Sick and tired of those gross, dirty disposable razors? You need to try out a RetroRazor! RetroRazor has a stylish look with an incredible close shave that you'll love! Plus, if your trying to find ways to be "greener" this is another step you can take! Did you know that two billion razors end up in landfills each year! That's kinda scary! Not to mention how many batteries from those electric … [Read more...]

Barbecue Grill Tools- Everything you need for the perfect backyard BBQ! Review and Giveaway! {closed}

Does your family like to grill? Then you need to check out Barbecue Grill Tools! It's the website that has everything from Portable Barbecue Grills, Barbecue Grill Tool Sets, Portable Coolers, Custom Barbecue Accessories, Outdoor Furniture and more! Plus, right now they have everything on their website on sale!Do you like to go camping or boating and love to eat while you're out having fun but … [Read more...]

Kolobags – Sumo Graffiti Laptop Sleeve – Giveaway! {closed}

Kolobags has an extensive line off laptop bags, laptop messenger bags, laptop backpacks, and even laptop sleeves! If you need a bag or accessory to carry your laptop around in this is the website you need to check out. Not only do they have the most stylish and up to fashion laptop bags for woman...but for men too! This is why Kolobags would make a great idea for a Father's Day gift! tucano cobra … [Read more...]

Internet Password Organizer®: Mate – A Better Way to Organize your Online Passwords! Review and Giveaway! 2 Winners! {closed}

Do you struggle to remember all the passwords you have online? Maybe you belong to a lot of sites and many different forums? Participate in groups? I know I do! I am one of those people that worries that if I use the same password for every site I'd have someones get into everywhere because of it. Therefore, I not only make up new passwords but I include numbers and symbols you name it. No wonder … [Read more...]

Keurig – Brewing Excellence One Cup at a Time – Platinum Review and Giveaway! {closed}

I like french vanilla coffee but Hubby likes hazelnut. Johnny likes hot chocolate while my mother-in-law likes tea. So when we are all together what am I to do? Make it all? That would take forever!!! Guess again! With a Keurig Brewing System you can makes everyone exactly what they want...and in less then 5 minutes for ALL of it! Keurig can provide you with HUNDREDS of varieties of coffee's, … [Read more...]

Baby Dipper – Teach your child to feed themselves with ease! Review and Giveaway! {closed}

Are you tired of struggling to teach your child to feed themselves with bowls that slide all over the place and have hard angles for your children to reach into? Then you need to try The Baby Dipper Bowl & Spoon Set.While my son is past me feeding him I want to point out that this bowl is shaped so that it comfortably fits in the palm of my hand. However, this bowl is designed to help children … [Read more...]

Funky Monkey Snack – Fruit That Crunches! Giveaway {Closed}

I know you remember the review I did earlier this month on the great tasting Funky Monkey Snacks. If not you can read it HERE. I know you all went running to their website and bought yourselves some! I personally went down to my local Whole Foods because they carry them too!Well, in case you didn't I am offering a giveaway of one of each flavor for you to try out! Then you'll seem why I love … [Read more...]