Keeki Pure & Simple Earth- Friendly Nail Polishes- Spicy Gift Pack {Review & #Giveaway}

In the past two or three years I have been really aware of the chemicals that come into my home.  I try and buy organic food when I can.  I have kicked all processed garbage to the curb.  I make most of my cleaning products or I only use ones with natural ingredients.  When it comes to make up and other body products I don’t know why it never dawned on me that they would be full of harmful … [Read more...]

SodaStream Homemade Soda That Tastes Great! Review & Giveaway!

Do you drink soda? Do you know how much waste your bottles and cans add up too? Well when I went to the Housewares Show in Chicago SodaStream showed us just how much the average family adds to our landfill in just soda containers alone. It's quite the visual isn't it? This picture does it no justice, believe me. Another thing I didn't realize about SodaStream? That they have over 100 flavors to … [Read more...]

Little Bamboo Baby – Pamper your Baby & the Environment – Review

If your looking for baby items that are earth friendly and organic then you need to visit Little Bamboo. All their baby blankets, hooded towels, crib sheets, muslin wraps, etc are made from bamboo a very renewable resource that provides many benefits. Did you know that bamboo is naturally antibacterial which means overall its healthier to use. Its also great because bamboo is very breathable … [Read more...]

STEAMBOY™ T1 STEAM FLOOR MOP – Chemical Free Cleaning – Review and Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I recently discovered this amazing Steamboy™ T1 Steam Floor Mop by Reliable Corporation. I, truthfully hadn't heard of Reliable Corporation before but was happy that I did! They don't just sell steam mops, but they sell other amazing products like clothing steamers (that I have always secretly wanted), irons, jewelry steamers, they even have special ironing tables, sewing machines, and so much … [Read more...]

BISSELL Little Green Machine Carpet Cleaner Review and Giveaway!!!

Bissell is doing everything they can to help save our planet! They are doing everything they can in their company to help! They not only produce earth friendly products but do everything they can at their company to recycle! They have policies set in place all over their company to encourage recycling. All papers, card boards, Styrofoam, etc is recycled at Bissell. They even take the waste from … [Read more...]