So I joined this new team on Etsy and each month we will be all blogging about a featured seller. This month the featured seller is actually Joey & Aleethea the Admin & Team Leader. You can read her blog here check out her Etsy store here. She has thee cutest baby and children items! I can see Gavin in that adorable blue monster sweatshirt any day, can't you! Even though the signature of … [Read more...]

{Paper Crafts} Make Your Own Holiday Gift Card Holders

My latest thought got me to these. Don't ask how they popped into my head b/c it just sorta happened. I was fooling around cutting out a template for my books and it wasn't working and I kept cropping it down and card holder cards. Of course the gift cards aren't included LOL! I am hopefully going to get a chance to do some birthday, baby, and wedding ones soon. Right now I am … [Read more...]

Make a Splash- Paper Bag Album

Ok, here's the other book I was talking about. I don't have any others in the process, but I do have 2 more white base bags, and 2 brown ones. So I'm sure I will think something up ;) Glitter! Those 3 tags are removable. I love the sunglasses! One of the 3 pockets in the side. That tag comes out too! All the stuff that is removable in the book!   … [Read more...]

Baby Boy Paper Bag Album

Ok, I am officially addicted to these little books! Here is book #2. And I'm having a hard time deciding on if I should keep this one LOL! Gavin's baby pics would look fab in it ya know LOL! The size is roughly 6x6, there are 10 pages not counting the back and front, and there are 3 side pockets as well. I know there are quite a few pics but pictures don't do any of these albums justice! I just … [Read more...]

Gold Glitters Holiday Cards

I really need a new camera can't you tell. While my close up pics come out great all of my farther set pics aren't. I suppose if my 2 year old hadn't thrown away my new one I wouldn't be having these problems! Anyways here are the pics of my first Christmas Cards of the season! The card is made out of off white paper is blank inside, comes with envelope. Or can be purchased as a set. … [Read more...]

Western MA Street Team

I have joined the WMASS TEAM on Etsy. I have even started running the blog for the entire community of the Western MA area. I hope I do a good job at it, and don't let anyone down! Make sure to check out the area's crafters. They have some AMAZING talented people out there! There are some red heels to die for, some amazing paintings, unique jewelry, you name it! If you have a chance to check them … [Read more...]

LuluBelles Couture

LuluBelle's Couture is absolutely the cutest clothing for little girls. If you haven't check out her site then you need to. Thankfully, I have 2 little boys or she wouldn't have time to make clothes for anyone but me! WTG Heather! I really wanted to share this outfit with you! This is a "Jesus&Me" top and skirt set. I think her work is amazing and if you don't have little girls and love … [Read more...]

Champagne and Navy Table Numbers w/ Hydrangea Flower

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Navy Blue and White Table Numbers w/ flowers

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