Baby Boy Paper Bag Album

Ok, I am officially addicted to these little books! Here is book #2. And I’m having a hard time deciding on if I should keep this one LOL! Gavin’s baby pics would look fab in it ya know LOL! The size is roughly 6×6, there are 10 pages not counting the back and front, and there are 3 side pockets as well. I know there are quite a few pics but pictures don’t do any of these albums justice! I just made a vacation themed one as well so stay tuned! Can you see the fuzzy parts on this popped up chipboard?
Or the glittery parts on this one?

One of the three pockets on the side of the bag. I know the pic isn’t great but it helps you get the main idea. There are 3 of them throughout the book.
This big tag comes out for a picture or some writing. Your birth story maybe?
Gotta have a place for the basic info!

Its silver and the words shine…you just can’t see it here.

Can you see the sparkly glitter on the paper?

The 2 pieces in the pocket tag come out.
Glitter on this paper too! The bubbles could make for a great bath time photo.

All 3 tags come out.

All of the “removables”.



  1. candy says

    cute books!!!

  2. ConnieK says

    Soooooo cute!!!

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