Capturing A Screen Shot Tutorial.


How Do I Get A Screen Shot? That's a question I hear a lot. I see it regularly on my facebook feed and thought I'd give a quick tutorial. First things firs you need to find your paint program. Pretty much all laptops and desktops come with a simple program. If you don't find one just google 'free paint program' and I'm sure you'll find one. Since I use mine regularly, mine is right in my … [Read more...]

Ouch! I don’t know which hurts more!


When it was down to the final months of wedding planning the decision of the rings came up. He had this old piggy bank that was as big as a toddler that his grandmother had given him and helped him fill when he was a child. He always knew he wanted to do something special with the money and since his grandmother had since passed it was more important to make sure that happened.Using it on our … [Read more...]

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I remember when that first monthly moment happened. My parents were divorced and I was temporarily living with my Dad. I had no clue what to do or what I was going through. No one had talked to me about it and I was so embarrassed about what was happening to me. Of course once I was able to talk to my mom she took care of all my questions and physical needs but do you know that in other areas of … [Read more...] Has Everything Rachael Ray I Want This Season!


I love collecting items for my kitchen. Yes, I used the word collecting. I love getting new kitchen products. My hubby finds it to be a problem as we are starting to reach capacity on what we can store but it doesn't stop me. I love to cook and having the tools and gadgets to make my life easier and simpler while doing it is essential. has everything you're looking for at affordable … [Read more...]