New FTC Guidelines for Sponsored Posts


See that image? The FTC says now that my simple disclosure at the bottom of my posts are no longer enough. They now want me to let you know the moment you open up and start reading, by making it clear at the very top of my post AND the bottom. I’ve created this image to let you know that this image will mean that this post is either a paid post or I received product in exchange for a review on my site.

What does that mean?

Paid Post– I’m sometimes offered payment in exchange for the time that it takes to test a product or to write an ad or article about a product, place, or well whatever it is I’m asked to share that I think is relevant to my site, my readers, and my family.

Reviews- I’m often asked to test products out and write about what I think and to take photos of the product in my use. The product is provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The product is then mine to keep after I write my review.


Affiliate Links- These are when you click a link on my blog and it takes you to a shopping page on a special link unique to me. When you make a purchase through this special link I receive credit in either gift card or cash payment.

My posts are always honest. Always my own.

Just because I receive the product or payment to write my post it will never {ever} not be honest. There are times my opinion might not be included but when it is it will always be my own personal opinion and never swayed by payment.

Of course you’ll also see my regular disclosure on the bottom of my posts as well as those too are still required. Since the wording is sometimes straight from the PR company it will likely tell you the breakdown of exactly what is in my post.

And for the record- I hold my contributing writers to the same standards here.


  1. OK – I’m totally stealing this! Of course, using my own “photo” and wording.

  2. Ugh, such a hassle. I think I am going to do an image thing too. Not sure yet.

  3. Great minds think alike, Jennifer, my post went live this morning. FTC is gonna kill us all. :/

  4. Hmm. what a pain in the butt. I understand the reasoning behind it. I really hope bloggers aren’t writing positive feedback about products they can’t stand behind just to make a buck… This a great idea Jen.

  5. Another thing on my to do list.

  6. Jenn says

    Yarg. Add this to my to-do list.

  7. Yep, another thing on my to do list. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to change the way I do things. I get the need for a disclosure but I don’t see where it has to be pasted one hundred times in one post, and on the sidebar of a blog. I’ll abide by the rules but it’s a little offputting that bloggers have to do it but magazines and other editorials don’t.

  9. Tammy S says

    I feel sorry for all you bloggers having to jump through all these hoops just to right a review. Anyone who reads a blog knows that they send you product to try so you can write your review. Just so you know we do appreciate all you do for us.

  10. Tanya says

    Unfortunately there are still many bloggers who don’t follow these guidelines and don’t get punished for this.
    Everyone chooses his/her own way.
    Glad you’ve chosen the right one 🙂

  11. Maryann Gates says

    My kids love anything electronic, especially my phone!

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