NUK Orthodontic Bottles Giveaway! {20 Winners!!!}

I remember the first time I walked into Babies R Us thirteen years ago. It was one of the most overwhelming trips to a store I’ve ever made. While many of the items caught my eye and others seemed really interesting I really could tell what I need from what I wanted and what was a good deal and when I was being robbed blind.

In the end when it came time to do my registry I left Daddy at home and grabbed another mom. I knew that what went on the original registry didn’t have to be the final registry and that I could go online with him later and knock things off and change colors if needed. This left him much happier to as he didn’t have to spend hours getting dragged around a baby store.


We walked around and looked at basic nursery items like a crib, dresser, and the theme items. Those really came down to gender, price, and personal taste. Those were easy because you could easily make your choices by process of elimination.

The items that become more difficult are the items that, well, your baby will let you know if they will agree. For instance bottles. Some kids will take whatever you give them. With Sawyer what I picked worked so we stuck with it but with Johnny I must have gone through over 20 different bottle styles before he took one that he liked.

What he liked was an orthodontic bottle. Like the NUK Orthodontic Bottles.

Show off your baby’s style with NUK® Tie-Dye Orthodontic Bottles that merge advanced NUK® bottle and nipple functionality with colorful and creative patterns for easy feeding for your baby!

It is the only bottle with an orthodontic nipple that supports healthy oral development. And, the bottle nipple features the NUK® Air System – a unique venting system – which helps reduce colic. The natural shaped nipple also mimic’s Mom’s to help make baby’s transition from breast to bottle a seamless one. This unique nipple also has the drinking hole specially located on the top side – not the tip like round nipples — which allows the milk to mix more effectively with saliva and promote easier digestion.


The NUK Orthodontic Bottles are made by the #1 selling orthodontic bottle company and are easy to clean with their wide neck and can even be tossed in the dishwasher for even easier cleaning.

  • Only NUK® bottles feature an orthodontic nipple that supports healthy oral development
  • Features the unique NUK® Air System which helps to reduce colic
  • Natural shape nipple mimic’s Mom’s nipple shape to allow easy back and forth between breast and bottle
  • Drinking hole specially located at the top side of the nipple – versus the tip on round bottle nipples – that promotes better, easier digestion

NUK Orthodontic Bottles Nipple View #momspotted

The NUK Orthodontic Bottles are available in both 5oz and 10 oz sizes and can be purchased at numerous retailers such as Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and our affiliate Amazon.

What is/was your #1 must have on your baby registry? Answer below for a chance for a chance to win one of 20 NUK Orthodontic Bottles

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Contest ends 4.9.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.

***Winners will NOT be contacted due to the number of winners but please check back as the full winners list will be posted here. Prizes will be shipped to the address provided.

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUK. The opinions and text are all mine.”


  1. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I also like the NUK® No-Scratch Bottle Brush

  2. Stacey B says

    I’d love to try the Nuk Orthopedic Pacifiers

  3. amy rouse says

    I like their pacifiers

  4. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I would love to try the Expressive Single Electric Breast Pump!

  5. Mary Beth Elderton says

    The NUK pacifiers–aka”BeeBoo;s”–are a staple for our babies 🙂

  6. I’d like to try one of their new pacifiers, Nuk pacifiers are the only ones I’ve ever used for my four kids.

  7. mary renshaw says

    I would def like to give the pacifiers a try!

  8. Courtney says

    I would like to try the NUK orthodontic pacifiers!

  9. we are always losing pacifiers, so I’d love a few of those.

  10. jennifer says

    I love the new pacifiers!

  11. shelly peterson says

    I like the Fast-Dry Bottle Rack

  12. Melissa says

    I wank to try the nuk straw cup for my toddler, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  13. I have been wanting to get the bottle rack!

  14. Colleen Maurina says

    I would also like to try their Turtle & Ladybug Active Cup.

  15. I like the pacifiers also.

  16. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I like the Fast Dry Bottle Rack!

  17. LANA says

    Nuk Orthopedic Pacifiers

  18. JLin says


  19. Andrea H says

    Freshfoods™ Freezer Tray!

  20. Jessica says

    I would also like the teething pacifier

  21. Tara P. says

    I like the animal faces pacifier!

  22. Laurel O. says

    I’d love to try the Lil’ Trainer Tableware Set.

  23. I would also like to try the pouch feeding spoon

  24. edit churchill says

    I would love to try the orthodontic bottles!

  25. Eliza says

    Expressive™ Single Electric Breast Pump because no manual pump has ever seemed to work for me. I’m due in May but may have the baby joining us sooner than we thought and I’d like to get everyone involved, instead of just mom feeding him.

  26. clarissa says

    the dishwasher basket

  27. AmandaSue says

    I like the milk bag storage rack!

  28. Kristi P says

    I’d like to try the NUK pacifiers.

  29. my baby loved their pacifiers. It was the only one he would take.

  30. Andrea says

    I would love to try the Advance Developmental Soft Silicone Spout Cup!

  31. Livivua Chandler says

    i like the pacifiers

  32. nannypanpan says

    i like the infant surround toothbrush

  33. Heather says

    I would also like to try the My 1st Feeding Set!

  34. Michelle P. says

    I would love to try their different sippy cups. We have yet to find one my daughters really likes.

  35. sheena mcnamara says

    the toothbrush

  36. sheena mcnamara says

    the toothbrush

  37. Laura Jacobson says

    OH I would love to try the No-Scratch Bottle Brush!

  38. Laura Brooks says

    I would love to try their Freshfoods baby food prep products! Their bottles and pacifiers were well loved by my first three, we will soon see if number four follows in their footsteps.

  39. Jamie says

    Would love their Pacifier Nest.

  40. Katie Roch says

    I like the Fast-Dry Bottle Rack

  41. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says

    Nuk Orthopedic Pacifiers

  42. Theresa J says

    My nephew would like the Easy-Grip Teether

  43. Nicole Larsen says

    I’d also like to try the Expressive™ Single Electric Breast Pump

  44. polly says

    I like their fast dry bottle rack

  45. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love their pacifiers! They are the only ones my kiddos would use!

  46. tin cruz says

    I like their pacifiers

  47. Nicolle says

    bottle brushes

  48. Rachel says

    I would love to try the teether and infant toothbrush!!

  49. stacey s says

    pacifiers look like something I will need to try soon

  50. Katherine Donovan says

    I really like the Tooth & Gum Wipes

  51. Lisa P. says

    I really like the Nuk Gerber graduate tableware products!

  52. nicole copeland says

    I would love to try the NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

  53. Katy says

    My mom is pregnant and I am trying to help her get some stuff for the baby…..we are really excited but we are kinda tight on money. I really want to win this and supprise her with it. Thank you

  54. Any bottles!

  55. Paula McC says

    I would love to try the NUK sippy cups – hoping it would help my toddler stop using a bottle.

  56. Lisa E says

    i’d like to try the NuK pacifiers

  57. Melissa Eldredge says

    The nuk sippy cups.

  58. holly says

    i like the Lollipop Orthodontic Pacifier

  59. Purvi says

    I had diapers on my registry….so expensive and you always need them!

    • Purvi says

      Sorry meant to type another reply…would like to try the Bottle Drying Wand.

  60. Martha Hammond says

    The orthodontic bottles

  61. Robert says

    The orthodontic pacifier

  62. Their sippy cups sound like another great product that I’d like to try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. Missy Recinos says

    About to be a first time mom this May 🙂 Any advice ?

  64. Nicole says

    I would love bottles or pacifers 🙂

  65. Stephanie Larison says

    Lollipop Orthodontic Pacifier

  66. cyndi br says

    nuk pacifiers

  67. Kalyn says

    great items, love them!

  68. Ashley S says

    Freshfoods™ Starter Set

  69. Katy P says

    I’d like to try the Infant Tooth & Gum Cleanser & Finger Toothbrush Set

  70. kimberly pugliese says

    the fresh foods starter set!

  71. vickie couturier says

    Freshfoods™ Food Mill

  72. Emily says

    i’d also like the Nuk Gerber graduate tableware

  73. Kristy Thiel says

    I like the Nuk Gerber Graduate My first silverware set!

  74. Alaine says

    I would love to try their pacifiers.

  75. Jessica Rose says

    The Tie-Dye Orthodontic Gift Set

  76. Angela Yeremenko says

    Pink Babytalk Learner Cup

  77. Breanne says

    Expressive Manual Breast Pump

  78. jennifer bowen says

    here is what I like bottle drying wand

  79. Kelly Lebo says

    sippy cups for different stages, you can never have enough sippy cups

  80. caitlin tate says


  81. Karen N says

    Bottle drying wand

  82. Brittney House says

    Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

  83. Melanie Montgomery says

    NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

  84. Carmen says

    The NUK Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

  85. Breanna says

    I can’t wait to make my sons food, so I would love to try the NUK fresh foods freezer tray!

  86. Heidi says

    I would also like the Ready to Feed Bottle Warmer.

  87. i would love the pacifiers

  88. kathy pease says

    I like the My 1st Feeding Set

  89. Laurie Emerson says

    I like their Winnie the Pooh Pacifier.

  90. Ashley Morrissey says

    The Nuk Sippy Cups!

  91. Jen says

    the NUK freezer trays!

  92. andrea howard says

    the lollipop pacifier is adorable!!

  93. Saver Sara says

    Fresh Foods Freezer Tray

  94. susan smoaks says

    i would also love to try the rest easy spoons, they look like they would help my life quite a bit

  95. I would like to try their sippy cups.

  96. Gina Ferrell says

    I like the 10oz Learner Cup.

  97. shirley zolenski says

    I would also like the sippy cups

  98. Stephanie G says

    easy grip teether

  99. No scratch bottle brush

  100. Pacifiers or sippy cups are always good!

  101. Amanda J says

    The bottle drying wand and the no scratch bottle brush would be great together! I remember what a pain it was to clean/dry bottles with my first one, now with this one coming soon, I’m trying to find easier ways to do things, and Nuk sounds like they make some helpful products 🙂

  102. Leanne Hill says

    Id like to try Nuks Ready to feed bottle warmer

  103. Carolyn Daley says

    I like the Infant Tooth & Gum Cleanser

  104. meridith salois says

    i’m really interested in the variety of Nuk pacifiers offered.

  105. Tie-Dye Orthodontic Pacifier

  106. Suzie Williams says

    I want to try the orthodontic pacifiers.

  107. Gianna says

    Universal Pacifier Clip.

  108. Lindsay T. says

    Freshfoods freeezer tray!

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