Moon Dough: Magical Molding Dough – Barnyard Play Set Review

The kids and I recently received the Moon Dough Barnyard Play Set and we've been having fun with it ever since! You see we really love playing with play dough and this is somewhat similar...but cooler! Its magical molding dough that is so much fun to use!Moon Dough is hypo-allergenic and wheat-free making it a great option for many who can't use other play related doughs.From looking at the small … [Read more...]

Pop On Pals Amusement Park Review

There is a new toy on the market! They are called Pop On Pals.I received the Amusement Park Playset through a Team Mom opportunity.At first glance this toy looks like so much fun! Its bright, colorful, and cheerful making you immediately attracted to it. Then you come to the part of taking it out of the box. I seriously can't remember the last time I got so annoyed with a box! There were 15 of … [Read more...]

Backyard Safari Outfitters – Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope, & Cargo Vest {Review}

We are not newcomers to the name Backyard Safari Outfitters. We've been playing with their toys for years! Their toys are quality made even through all the abuse my two boys put them through. So when Team Mom let us know that they were sending Backyard Safari Outfitters toys are way we were pretty excited. We received the Cargo Vest, Bug Vacuum, and the Mega View Periscope. The boys were … [Read more...]

K’NEX – Imagine, Build, Play – Review!

K'NEX building kits offer children hours and hours of creative play. They let kids build and play and use their imagination. THey can go by the directions and build as directed or free play and get creative! What's so great about K'NEX? They have kits for all different ages groups in all different skill levels. K'Nex has kits designed to build moving vechile, spinning ferris wheels, or even a cute … [Read more...]

Myth Busters – Weird World of Water – Review!

Thanks to Team Mom we were recently sent a Myth Busters - Weird World of Science Kit our way. As you know I work for a science based company and we teach kids science in a fun and interesting way. I knew Johnny would love this since he loves the programs my work offers!What I didn't realize was just how much Johnny loved Myth Busters! When I handed him the box you would have thought i handed him … [Read more...]

Bella Sara Royalty Cards – Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Bella Sara Royalty is the most successful girls trading cards out there! Royalty is the newest of their cards, this being the ninth series! With Royalty for the first time you'll finally have the chance to get Sara, the Goddess of the North or North trading card!Team Mom sent these to me but sadly I don't have any girls to test these out on so I personally didn't get to test these out.Here is a … [Read more...]