Myth Busters – Weird World of Water – Review!

Thanks to Team Mom we were recently sent a Myth Busters – Weird World of Science Kit our way. As you know I work for a science based company and we teach kids science in a fun and interesting way. I knew Johnny would love this since he loves the programs my work offers!
What I didn’t realize was just how much Johnny loved Myth Busters! When I handed him the box you would have thought i handed him the world! He started jumping up and down and off the walls.
He brought it out in the garage and got to work with his Dad on this one. They’ve done their fair share of rockets and science experiments! What I really liked about this kit was that it came with every thing you needed. Many kits rely on what you have in your kitchen and it drives me nuts! The only things we used that weren’t in the box was the baking soda, vinegar, and some masking tape. Everything else was supplied and my kitchen was left alone, although my measuring spoons have still not had a safe return!
We had fun launching this water rocket in the backyard. Sometimes it was a bit trickier then others but I can tell you we had a blast doing it. It went really high a few times!! This kit has 5 Myths to bust. Including Perpetual Motion Machine, Pantry Projectile, and Deadly Vortex

The Myth Busters – Weird World of Science is only one of Elmer’s awesome science kits! Johnny has made it very clear he wants Myth Busters Aviation Kit for either his birthday or Christmas! After the fun we had with this one you bet he’ll be getting it! Educational fun gifts are the best kind of gifts aren’t they?

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