Honey BBQ Slow Cooker Wings #Recipe

Johnny loves wings. LOVES wings! The hotter the better too. The problem is that other than me no one else in the family really cares for hot. With the super bowl coming around I knew I'd be making some but wanted to find a way to make some delicious wings that didn't take a lot of time, weren't hot, and tasted great. I finally came up with the perfect recipe and the best part was I skipped the … [Read more...]

What’s on your Super Bowl Menu? {#LibbysBigGame #Giveaway}

Is everyone getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday?!  Much to my husband's dismay I am not a sports fan.  I do however love the Super Bowl.  To be totally honest, I mostly love the Super Bowl for all the yummy Super Bowl food and the commercials.  It is also fun for me to remember the year my husband and I went to the actual Super Bowl!  We had been married only a month and my brother in law got us … [Read more...]

Bacon Loaded Twice Baked Potato Skins Recipe

We're not really football fans but once a year we gather around the TV and enjoy the Super Bowl. We were disappointed that the New England Patriots didn't make it but we still of course tuned in for a good game, good commercials, and of course good food. So when I shared this photo on Instagram and you guys asked for the recipe, so here it is. Preheat oven to 450. Scrub several small to … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Appetizers from Land O Lakes {Giveaway Prize Pack too!} #CheeseChatter

I was totally bummed when our New England Patriots failed to make the Super Bowl. My dad is a HUGE Patriots fan and goes ALL out if they make the Super Bowl. They aren't in it so the party for the super bowl will be small but of course still surrounded by lots of great foods. I love opportunities like this to make some new recipes and when I was invited to a fun webinar from Land O Lakes to learn … [Read more...]