29 Delicious Smoothie Recipes You Can Make At Home

Most people make smoothies in the summer, but Sawyer loves them so much I find myself making them all year long. I try and pack as many nutrients into each smoothie as I can, and often sneak veggies in. His favorite is the Banana & Avocado Smoothie I shared with you guys awhile ago. But to be honest, I was getting sick of the same smoothie week after week, so I rounded up an additional 29 … [Read more...]

D’Vida Pre-Made Smoothie {Review}

Smoothies are one of my favorite go to quick breakfasts.  I love them because they keep me full and I can quickly pack in a lot of nutrients into a meal.  Especially now that swim suit season is upon us I am always looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, or after workout snack.  Sometimes, ok most of the time I am really rushed at breakfast.  Please tell me that breakfast isn't just crazy at my … [Read more...]

Dole Frozen Fruit Coupon Giveaway {Smoothie & Frozen Popsicles} 12 Winners!!

We love fruit here. We also love smoothies. What I don't love is going to make one and finding out everyone ate all my fruit. It never fails. I've found a trick around that though. i still buy loads and loads of fresh fruits for the boys and I to eat all week but now I keep a stash of Dole Frozen Fruit Bags in my freezer so I always have fruit on hand whenever I want one and I can cut back the ice … [Read more...]