D’Vida Pre-Made Smoothie {Review}


Smoothies are one of my favorite go to quick breakfasts.  I love them because they keep me full and I can quickly pack in a lot of nutrients into a meal.  Especially now that swim suit season is upon us I am always looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, or after workout snack.  Sometimes, ok most of the time I am really rushed at breakfast.  Please tell me that breakfast isn’t just crazy at my house?!  I swear by the time I have everyone their breakfast someone else finishes, and wants more or is done.  Then I pick up the million pieces of whatever food Halli has thrown on the floor, clean up, and then boom breakfast is over and I still haven’t eaten.  I was excited to try new pre-made smoothie packets from D’Vida health.  They are in a little pouch and you pour the entire thing into a blender with ice and water.  Bam, done!

D'Vida Smoothies

There are 4 flavors:

You add the smoothie mix to a blender with about 6-8oz of water.  Then add in 2 cups of ice and blend until it is nice and thick.  The instructions on how to prepare the smoothies are on the box, but I wish they would have put them on the packet.  D’Vida smoothies are LOW-GI smoothie base, with all-natural ingredients and only the freshest fruits and vegetables, GLUTEN FREE, and NO GMO’s.   They are an excellent source of fiber and protein.  The packets have +15g of Whey Protein to help support lean muscle recovery and growth.  They are great for a meal replacement or for a healthy snack.  My family, including my kids tried them all over a few days.  I LOVED how full I was after I drank them.  I definitely stayed full for a long time and I felt like I had an extra little boost for my workouts if I drank them at breakfast before exercising.

D’Vida Smoothies

(^^^D’Vida VidaGreen+: (Cucumber + Kale + Green Apple + Spinach)^^^)

D’Vida Smoothies

 (^^^D’Vida VidaPump+: (Banana + Peanut Butter) and D’Vida VidaSlim+ Fat Trim Complex: (Strawberry & Banana)^^)

The taste is honestly just ok, and be warned the packets smell awful!  The overall favorite of my family was the D’Vida VidaPump+, Banana+Peanut Butter.  It really did taste like banana’s and peanut butter.  My kids thought it was super yummy and Halli couldn’t get enough!

D’Vida Smoothies

But the D’Vida VidaGreen+,Cucumber+Kale+Green Apple+Spinach was pretty darn awful.  It was very earthy tasting, like leaves and dirt, which I guess is probably a sign you are getting in some good nutrients?  I usually love green smoothies with both kale and spinach but this was not my favorite.  It did curb my appetite but my kids wouldn’t come near it, and it was hard to get it all down.  The other two smoothies, D’Vida VidaSlim+, and D’Vida VidaBoost+ were somewhere in the middle.  I thought they were ok, but my kids didn’t like them and my husband thought there was kind of after taste.  I did like that because they are all a powder the smoothies are really smooth and you can blend them to whatever thickness you want depending on how much water and ice you add.

D’Vida Smoothies

(^^^D’Vida VidaBoost+ Multivitamin Complex: (Pineapple + Coconut)^^^)

Overall I will always be keeping a few of these D’Vida pre-made smoothie packets in my pantry.  I for sure felt full and they helped curb my appetite.  I also noticed I didn’t crave sugar as much which is a major win because I have a pretty wicked sweet tooth.  I loved the little extra boost of energy I felt.  It is awesome that they have so much fiber and protein in a little packet.  They retail for $34.99 on Amazon but are on sale right now for $29.99!  They will be perfect for those extra crazy mornings when I need a quick breakfast, and don’t want to skip on nutrition!

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  1. I wold be interested to try the pineapple coconut , it’s multivitamin complex- interesting. I wonder how they would taste. I am picky when it’s not fresh ingredients 🙂

  2. saminder gumer says

    these are so convenient and i love the flavors. they would save me time and shopping. now i have to try the flavors to make sure i like them.

  3. Nicole Dz says

    The strawberry & banana look like a good one to try, but kind of weary of the products since you mention the smell and taste just being okay. But I will try anything once.

  4. vickie couturier says

    some of those sounds good and some sound just awful combinations,,some of those I wouldn’t even try

  5. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    this sounds like a great way to amp up a smoothie

  6. Christina Gould says

    I love smoothies in the morning, and the glasses with lids are very good idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jennifer (robbins) A. says

    I love that these are gluten free, and are made without GMO’s! I also think I’d enjoy the flavor combinations, especially: “Pineapple Coconut”! : )

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