Germ Guardian Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer – Cleaner, Safer, Natural Air! Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

The flu season is upon us and this year with the Swine Flu everyone is in a panic. Everyone is looking for things to do to help prevent or control the spread of these horrible germs! Germ Guardian is a great site with many products that do this with natural, safe, and effective ways of killing the germs, odors, and bacteria lurking in our homes! I recently reviewed the Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer … [Read more...]

Germ Guardian – Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer – Safe, Clean, & Natural! Review!

Here is a product I am really excited about and I wish I knew about before ever having kids! It's a Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer from Germ Guardian. Dry Heat? Yes! No more boiling items on the stove, waiting for dishwasher cycles, or figuring out how those cute little stuffed animals are going to make it through the washer after landing on the mall floor.Since this sanitizer uses dry heat you can … [Read more...]