Germ Guardian – Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer – Safe, Clean, & Natural! Review!

Here is a product I am really excited about and I wish I knew about before ever having kids! It’s a Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer from Germ Guardian. Dry Heat? Yes! No more boiling items on the stove, waiting for dishwasher cycles, or figuring out how those cute little stuffed animals are going to make it through the washer after landing on the mall floor.

Since this sanitizer uses dry heat you can sanitize all of baby’s items. This is great for breast pump pieces, bottle pieces, teething items, binky’s, you name it! If it fits it can get rid of all those dirty germs! I love that it uses no chemicals and it won’t melt anything. When Johnny was a baby I once forgot that I had all his nipples and bottle rings boiling on the stove! I was reminded when this horrible smell went through the house. I was left with a stinky house for the rest of the day, a ruined nice pot, no nipples or bottle rings for 10+ bottle (expensive!), and a headache! I love that this doesn’t risk damaging anything and actually helps with items I didn’t think I’d be able to clean!


  • Proven 99.9% effective against germs that cause: RSV, flu, colds, pneumonia, earache, diarrhea and more
  • Automatically shuts-off when cycle is complete
  • Dry heat kills germs without the use of chemicals
  • An easy and convenient way to sanitize breast pump attachments
  • Sanitize bottle nipples, hard and plush toys, pacifiers and more
  • Won’t shrink or fade colorful fabrics or melt plastic or rubber items
  • Great baby shower gift

This sanitizer is super simple and super easy to use! All you do is drop what you want in the basket area. Close the cover. Push the button and wait 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you forget to check back for it. Once its done it turns off on its own! If you need to stop it for any reason before its done just push the on/off button on the base. I read on a few other sites that people thought it was too small but I found that most things I tried that I would use this for fit perfectly fine. I was even able to put some Webkinz through it to clean since my 3 year old drags them everywhere. With all the worries of swine flu and germs traveling through the school systems I like knowing I can in order to keep my kids as safe and healthy as possible! Anything that prevents my kids getting sick is a must!
As of right now the Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer is back ordered through the Germ Guardian website. However, you can purchase this Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer from many online websites and retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Babies R Us!

*stay tuned for another review from Germ Guardian with a giveaway!*

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