Spending The Day In Boston With The Kids! #77kids Do Good Day

Yesterday was ‘Do Good Day’ brought to you by 77kids by American Eagle and The Motherhood. A group of bloggers including myself were to do something to bring a smile to others. Johnny was dreading it. We had to get up at the crack of dawn since we live on the opposite side of the state and it was technically a sleep in day for him. The second he saw the skyline of the city his eyes immediately lit up. Of course this was the moment that complete fear hit my veins as I started driving in underground tunnels at highway speeds with twists, turns, and exits…all with my GPS satellites down.
My team handed out $1 bills and silly bands. Johnny turned out to be the team MVP as he made sure no child got passed us without a smile on their face. We were located in front of the aquarium which was a great location. Kids were everywhere! Can you believe that we had lots of people tell us no thanks? I never realized it would be hard to give away money and wrapped silly bands!The Group of Us:
Jodi Grundig www.multitaskingmommy.com
Nirasha Jaganath www.mommyniri.com
Christine Koh www.bostonmamas.com
Jennifer Leigh www.jleighdesignz.com
LZ www.mymessyparadise.com
Christy Matte www.quirkyfusion.com
Audrey McClelland www.momgenerations.com
Angela Tseng www.mommybytes.com
The boys & I decided to stay since it was still early when we finished and considering the only place to park was outrageously expensive I wasn’t leaving after 2 hours. Seriously? $35 for 2 hours!!
We decided to visit the Boston Aquarium. I have to sadly admit that after just visiting the Mystic Aquarium in CT last week we were incredibly disappointed. The large tank is absolutely fascinating but there really was not anything else to do. It was ridiculously crowded. It was a Wednesday morning you wouldn’t think it would be crazy busy but we couldn’t even get close to some of the side exhibits. The amount of camp kids were insane. I would not pay the admission to experience that. I’d rather take a trolley tour around the city 🙁 Especially when you factor in you’ll have to pay $35 to park your car on top of that! It was shoulder to shoulder and the first time in years my 9 year old son willingly held my hand in public for fear of losing me.We did love seeing this 500+ lb turtle.
The aquarium was located right outside the harbor. My kids absolutely love the water. Had we packed lunches for the day this definitely would have been a great spot for us to eat. We definitely spent some time watching the boats. You can also see the planes land across the water.
I was using the zoom on my camera to see the boats in the harbor and saw this. I don’t know about you but I’d have a hard time going out in the ocean in a boat like this. Not only could you easily fall out the back with not a life jacket in sight…but the fact that your on a pop-able (?word) boat I highly doubt I’d be lighting a cigarette on it.
The kids were really hungry and I had remembered from a previous visit that Faneuil Hall would be a great spot to bring the kids. You would never know from looking at this building that Quincy Market was the best ‘food court’ ever. You’ll find everything from pizza, burgers, and ice cream to oyster bars, pubs, and more! Make sure to hold your kids close – it gets busy in there! However, its a great place to eat without breaking the wallet!I
We hung out and went through some shops and the kids loved it. I brought them by the Cheers Bar to show them. Of course their response was “Cheers?”
I had a review that had just arrived for Build A Bear so it was perfect that there was one right there!
The boys went in and had fun making their new Ice Cream Collection Bears!
Gavin picked the Orange Sherbet Bear and Johnny The Chocolate Mint. They are adorable!
Stay tuned for an upcoming gift card giveaway!
The boys found this big piece of mac & cheese hilarious!
I have to be honest I was at first overwhelmed with the idea of bring two kids into the city all by myself with no real plan. Everything was so close in location that they day went smoothly. There was also a large carousel that we meant to go back to but Gavin was getting really tired as we had skipped nap. I’ll definitely be bringing the boys back!ps. I didn’t link the pics so you can click them and see them bigger is you wanted 🙂

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  1. stephanie muth says

    i so miss my hometown of Boston, i really hate NY. I remember just taking the T all around town roaming Boston common, walking all around chinatown, drinking bubble tea. So many memeories.

  2. My MIL use to take a trip to Boston every year. Something to do with flowers I believe. What’s bubble tea? Sounds very interesting. Love your pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Love the Post of your trip to Maine. It’s nice to get up and go isn’t it.

  3. Michelle Hires says

    Boston is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. I grew up on Cape Cod and it was a nice getaway for a day!

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