My Weekend In Maine

I barely unpacked the suitcases and it was time to pack them again. Okay, seriously who am I kidding? I dumped out the stuff from NYC and started repacking.We left early Friday afternoon but if you live in New England you know how fun the traffic is when you head to hot vacation areas near the shore line. We left at 1:30 and got there at 5:30. Traffic was horrible.
When we arrived we hung out with John’s grandparents who stay up there 6 months out of the year. We visit every August and often look forward to it!Once bedtime rolls around Hubby & I take full advantage of the fact that we have babysitters.
We went and visited Kennebunkport and grabbed ice cream.

Saturday we had the entire day to hang out. I took Gavin to the playground while Johnny shred sledded around the courtyard with some other tweens. Afterwards Daddy took then to the pool that was freezing and I was smart enough to stay out of.
We visited Nubble Light House. I had planned on grabbing a family photo to replace our old one but Gavin had passed out in the back seat at this point and refused to wake up.
(click on picture!)
Then we were off to the York Wild Kingdom Zoo & Fun Park. I’ll be telling you more about that visit later this week.
We rode all the rides…
and feed all the animals!
When we were done we grabbed some pizza near by and headed home. But before we left I had to get my mother some taffy from The Goldenrod! I have never seen a place like them. They make the taffy right there in front of all the windows. My boys love standing outside just watching it get made and packaged. The photos aren’t easy to get with your reflection coming back so I grabbed these from behind the counter.
Isn’t that cool?
Its one of my favorite candy store. The boys have fun picking penny candy (gummies) from the back. They also have great fudge!
That night when the boys went down Hubby & I snuch out and hung out downtown Ogunquit, ME. We had fun just walking through the shops and when they closed we weren’t ready to head home so we walked down to the beach and slid off our shoes and walked out to let the waves hit us.The next day we hung out did the pool and playground again and then headed off to Kittery. They have some amazing outlet shopping and every year I hit up the Children’s Place there for a lot of the boys back to school shopping. I don’t really find any deals there, but my store back home is really tiny and often out of the sizes I need.We then hot the roads around 3pm and headed home. The traffic again awful. I wish I had thought to take a photo sooner before we took a turn but as you can see its stop and go on both sides!

I’m so glad to be home even though I’ve been having so much fun traveling this weekend. I know I’m behind in a lot of things but I’m doing what I can to catch back up. Please bear with me. Now if we can actually get some use out of that boat we own…we’ve only seen it ONCE this summer! At least this time I unpacked within an hour of being home!
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  1. Erica G says

    I would love to visit Maine! Your pictures in the candy store drew me in! Yummy. I am also a big fan of lighthouses. Sounds like you had a jam packed trip!

  2. Wendy at Babies Gotta Have It says

    We are such fans of the Southern Maine Coast! Next time you’re in York be sure to get ice cream at Brown’s right near the Nubble and a lobster roll at Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery!

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