UV Skinz – The Best Protection From The Sun For Your Little One! Chemical-Free Sun Protection!

Rhonda Sparks lost her husband at the very young age of 32 years old to skin cancer. She felt she had to do something to help prevent another person going through what she and her husband had endured. In 2005 she started UV Skinz! She is fully committed to making sure that her company provides great quality products but she is also trying to make her voice heard to “get kids covered!” all over the nation!
Did you know that one serious burn as a child can actually double your chances of developing skin cancer as an adult? I didn’t. I knew it wasn’t good but I definitely didn’t know it doubled my chances! Thank goodness we have UV Skinz clothing to put on our children! These clothes are not just for swimwear, they can be worn anytime you think you or your family will be spending periods of time in the sun! Their clothing is affordable and breathable! There are no chemicals in the materials, no seams that are going to drive you or your little ones crazy, and the fabric is nice and silky! UV Skinz has an amazing line or shirts, shorts, and hats for both babies and kids!
Aren’t their Limited Aloha Editions adorable!
Don’t think the bus stops there! UV Skinz has the whole entire family covered!
They have both short and long sleeve shirts for men! And they have shirts and shorts for woman! Need a plus size? Don’t worry they have you covered too!
They also carry hats for the whole family in all different styles, one that is sure to be perfect for your needs! Did you know that their microfiber blend blocks out 98% of all UV Rays? Sounds great considering sun block can’t even make that claim and after a while you have to keep replenishing the sun block and you have to deal with all that grease, missed spots, and worrying it’s going to get into your eyes!
Have little ones that require more covering up then clothing?
You need to check out their selection of UV Shade & Accessories!
They have shades for your car, sunglasses, even a special shade for your stroller!
What’s really cool is they have these special wrist bands that tell you when you’ve had enough UV exposure for the day…you must check them out!
We were lucky enough to try out the Devin Shirt in Navy. It fit my son great and what I loved the most is the soft feel this shirt has!!! When I put it on my son to try out (sorry no beach pictures yet, still too chilly) it fit him great! I let him play around the house in it to see how well it moved with him and it did great. It went over his head nicely since they have a larger neck hole but wasn’t awkward looking because of it. It’s nice because it actually has a slight collar to help protect the neck too! My son absolutely LOVED the free silicon bracelet that came with it. He won’t take it off and guards it with his life it’s actually really funny!
UV Skinz has been kind enough to offer one item from their site of you choice to win!



  1. Abby says

    I would get the Avewry Sky Blue Aloha for my little guy because I want to protect him from the sun as much as possible but we still enjoy spending time outsite and we love to swim in the summer!

    abbyandygaige (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Abby says

    You are in my Technorati favs!

  3. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    I would love to have the Women’s Black Boy Cut Shorts. They are so cute.

  4. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    Follower of your blog

  5. Abby says

    Got your button!

  6. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    Signed up for the newsletter on the UV Skinz site

  7. LeeLee's Thoughts says

    following UV Skinz on twitter @leeleesthoughts


    Sun Stop’r – Kwik Cabana III is sweet and love the mens ls tops

  9. Jennirae says

    I like the green aloah collection.

  10. Laura-Whateverebay says

    Sun Protection for my kids and myself is important to me. We live in Las Vegas, the UVR can be high. Not only is this a wonderful contest but a great service for the community to remind us how important it to protect ourselves and out little ones. πŸ™‚

  11. David Johnson says

    I like the Isaac Solid White, it would be great to keep from burning in the summer, thanks.

  12. agordon10 says

    The green aloha collection is cool.

  13. NHmommy says

    Gerri – Light Pink shirt for women. My son already has a shirt!

  14. LittleEagle says

    I would get the Emily Aloha Print womens shirt for me to waer when I go on long distance bike rides. sharonaquilino(at)hotmail(dot)com

  15. mverno says

    the Women’s Black Boy Cut Shorts mverno@roadrunner.com

  16. ecky says

    i’d love the green aloha combo for my little one!

    elkesten at yahoo dot com

  17. Stephanie says

    probably Taylor – Blue Tie-Dye for my little boy!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. Chelsey says

    Carly – Blue/Purple is my absolute fave! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  19. danosor says

    I like the Aloha combo in green.I am a subscriber.

  20. Katherine says

    I like the Lindsay long sleeve hot pink & white.

    waleckak att gmail dott com.

  21. Tj and Amy says

    I love the Celia
    Soft Pink. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  22. Tj and Amy says

    I subscribe to uvskinz newsletter. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  23. Tj and Amy says

    I follow uv skinz on twitter. 1amypugmire. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  24. Anonymous says

    great giveaway!! I would pick the tan Cruiser hat because both my husband and myself could make use of it.

  25. jennem says

    At UV Skinz, I like the Flutter ‘Boy Cut’ Shorts
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  26. wooby3 says

    The Aloha Combo in green! Cute!

  27. Jenn says

    I love the Avery Sky Blue Aloha shirt. Great idea!

    jennifernew81 at hotmail dot com

  28. tatertot374 says

    I like the short sleeves Flutter – S
    Butterflies for my daughters. THank you

  29. BlueNostalgia says

    I would like these little shorts and a matching top for my little guy!

    Nice shop!

  30. News Around The Blogs says

    I would get the Brown Aloha Collection for my little girl. She would look so super cute while being protected from the sun!

    newsaroundtheblogs at live dot com

  31. News Around The Blogs says

    follow on twitter posted a tweet

  32. Jennifer says

    I would pick the Popsicle – S – Popsicles/Purple !! So cute! I would want it for my daughter because we like to camp and go to the lake and swim!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  33. Reiza says

    I’d probably go with the kids Light Pink – ‘Boy Cut’ Shorts. I figure that way, my daughters can wear them with a swim top they already have. Plus, I think pink would work well with any tankini tops they have.
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  34. Reiza says

    I follow UV Skinz on twitter (I’m ReizaM).
    YiddishBitterRose at gmail dot com

  35. Liz says

    I'ld chose the Cheryl – Long-Sleeve – White Full-Zip since its big enough we could both cover up with it. And with a mom & grandma both with skin cancer it would be a blessing in disguise

  36. babyuno says

    Sharky-B Is the coolest one I see so cute!!


  37. babyuno says

    I am a follower of your blog!


  38. babyuno says

    I have your button on my blog


  39. Anonymous says

    I would love to have the women’s boy shorts. they are so cute and look very comfortable lkish77123@hotmail.com

  40. LaRuefromtheBlue says

    Follower on here and twitter!

  41. Sara and Alex says

    I would pick the Skargyle
    Pink/Black Argyle for my daughter. She has super light sensitive skin and burns so easily.

  42. Sara and Alex says

    follow you on twitter SaraMama and tweeted http://twitter.com/SaraMama/status/1534767021

  43. LaurenS says

    I would get the Ethan in Navy. We are very air skinned and are about to move to the Southwest. I am nervous about my kids sun exposure.


  44. LaurenS says

    technorati: las30


  45. Halifax says

    I’d pick the Skargyle Pink/Black Argyle or the Aloha green combo


  46. Sue says

    I’d like the Jaden – Red/Navy skinz. Thanks for the giveaway~

  47. wigget says

    i’d pick the devin in navy because i like the simple color

  48. vboackle says

    i like the renee hot pink ladies top.

  49. Anonymous says

    I would choose the Baby Sarah, Baby Skin! It is very pretty and serves a great purpose! Gotta protect our little ones!


  50. Alice says

    I would get me the Allison Shirt because I am the one in our family that burns the most.

  51. Marianna says

    the Taylor blue tie-dye for my son

  52. ktgonyea says

    Count me in πŸ™‚

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  53. Melissa says

    I like the Jaden Red/Navy with the black boy shorts. (melissa710891@hotmail.com)

  54. deedleweedle says

    I like the Blue Hawaiian UV Skinz!

  55. idahomom says

    Taylor blue tie dye would be perfect for my son.

  56. idahodad7 says

    Blue Tie Dye for my son

  57. judybrittle says

    I would get the Sharky-L-Shark Camo /Navy. That is just a great looking shirt. Thank you so much!

  58. judybrittle says

    I follow UV Skinz on Twitter

  59. judybrittle says

    I follow on Twitter and tweeted

  60. Dana says

    I like the Olivia Hot Pink and Orange….. My daughter is now 20 months old and we plan on visiting my parents at the coast this year. She is very fair skinned and I would feel a lot better about her being outside in this than in just sunscreen.

  61. Dana says

    I have your button πŸ™‚

  62. CandG~Jill W says

    I have a sun allergy (I break out in hives on my arms if I am out for more than 10 minutes without sunscreen) soI would LOVE the Sarah – Long-Sleeve – Blue/White Aloha – it’s awesome, thanks!

  63. CandG~Jill W says

    I am subscribed to the UV Skinz newsletter at mike and jillw at yahoo dot com, thanks!

  64. CandG~Jill W says

    I follow UV Skinz on twitter, thanks! (idahojill)

  65. CandG~Jill W says
  66. Andrea says

    There are too many to choose from. I like the navy boys board shorts. However, if I could get an entire outfit I’d like to get one of the shirts and shorts of my daughter! =)

    mommainflipflops AT gmail.com

  67. MaggieM says

    I would like the Blue Aloha Collection in a size 2 πŸ™‚


  68. Kirstin says

    I would get the Emily Brown and teal shirt for myself!

    philip.kirstin at gmail dot com

  69. Kirstin says

    I subscribed to their newsletter!

    philip.kirstin at gmail dot com

  70. Tj and Amy says

    tweeted. 1amypugmire. amsbolda@hotmail.com don’t know how to link

  71. AnxiouslyYours says

    Id love the Jen 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck in Sky Blue Size Large


  72. CandG~Jill W says

    Happy Thursday the 23rd tweet, thanks! http://twitter.com/idahojill/status/1598117713

  73. Heather says

    I’d choose the Blue Aloha Collection in size 6

  74. Heather says

    following UV Skinz on twitter: heathergf

  75. Heather says

    following UV Skinz on twitter: heathergf

  76. Heather says

    uv skinz monthly newsletter: heatherg_cna@yahoo.com

  77. Sonya says

    I love the Jen 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Sky Blue

  78. Tj and Amy says

    tweeted today. 1amypugmire. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  79. Mir says

    I’d pick the Ashland – Green Aloha Print shirt for my daughter.

  80. Heather M says

    I like the Popcicle in a 4!! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  81. Heather M says

    and I follow you! Thanks

  82. Courtney says

    I would love to have the Butterflies one for my daughter! What a great product. My husband has had a scare with skin cancer, so I’m super protective of our baby with the sun and this would help a lot!


  83. Courtney says

    I subscribe to the UV Skinz newsletter!


  84. Courtney says

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway!


  85. CandG~Jill W says
  86. ktanjatk says

    I’d like to gift Olivia Hot Pink/Orange top to my niece!

    Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  87. Lee-Ann says

    I would get the pink baby sun hat for my youngest daughter. She is going to be 1 this summer and I know it is going to be hard to keep her out of the sun and keep a hat on her head. This would be great to have.

  88. Mimi the kitten says

    I’d choose the Sarah – Long-Sleeve – Black/White Aloha, for my beloved Mom!

  89. Lee-Ann says

    I am now a follower.

  90. Lee-Ann says

    I sub to the UV Skinz newsletter.

  91. Lee-Ann says
  92. Lee-Ann says
  93. Lee-Ann says

    I follow you on Twitter & sent out a Tweet:

  94. Lee-Ann says

    I follow UV Skinz on Twitter:
    gordy93 (username)

  95. CinemaSista says

    I would pick the Fun ‘n Sun – Primrose hat! My daughter loves hats and her favorite color is pink, so I know she would love this one. =)


  96. chromiumman says

    i’d get the men’s koi print, because it just looks great

  97. Tj and Amy says

    daily tweet. 1amypugmire is my username. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  98. CandG~Jill W says

    Happy Saturday the 25th tweet, thanks! http://twitter.com/idahojill/status/1613981623

  99. Cassy says

    Army green because its a nice shirt in a color I’d like.
    wombatspurple at yahoo dot com

  100. yellow says

    Many favorites! I am very apt to buy from UVSkins if I don’t win- namely Emily – Brown/Teal – Aloha Print.. I have cute brown swim shorts that’ll match this top πŸ™‚ Thanks for the entry!

  101. Jinxy and Me says

    I like the Sheila – 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck – Black because it would give me good protection from the sun and it’s a nice style.

  102. Melanie says

    I would get the Women’s – Board Shorts – Black for my sister! As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for her. She is a bit selfconscious about her body so I think the length of the shorts would be great.


  103. mom2anutball says

    I would get the Seth – Blue Tie-Dye Baby Skinz for my son. My daughter has one, and they could match. I love the protection these offer, thanks for the chance! hawkgirl_16 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  104. mom2anutball says

    I get the uv skins newsletter! hawkgirl_16 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  105. purango says

    I would pick the Blue Aloha outfit. My granddaughter loves being outside in the summer and going to Disney. I want to make sure she is protected from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  106. Ardy22 says

    I would like to have the adventure hat in sand

  107. Ardy22 says

    follow your blog

  108. Ardy22 says

    faved on technorati


  109. Tj and Amy says

    daily tweet. 1amypugmire is my username. don’t know how to link. amsbolda@hotmail.com

  110. carolpie says

    Brown/Pink for our little girl because she is very fair and I always worry she will burn when she is outside.

  111. liliesrnice says

    i love the skargyle for my little one. i need it for her sensitive skin.

  112. newmom8404 says

    I would love the Sun Stop’r – Kwik Cabana I for the hot beach days and evem to use at the park.

  113. GabbyLowe says

    I like the Women’s Black Boy Cut Shorts.


  114. CandG~Jill W says

    Happy Sunday the 26th tweet, thanks! http://twitter.com/idahojill/status/1624520904

  115. Heather says

    I’d get the Brooke Brown/Pink for the kinder, just because she’s very fair-skinned, and we live near the beach. Thanks!

  116. Heather says

    I follow your blog already.

  117. Heather says

    I follow UVS on twitter: choochoo428

  118. dvice says

    I’d pick Michael Nautical Navy because it would be perfect for the summer

  119. lilyk says

    I love the Sun Stop’r Kwik Cabana III because it looks very useful!

  120. lilyk says

    I subscribed to UV Skinz monthly newsletter.

  121. Helen says

    I like the Cheryl
    White Full-Zip.

  122. Donna says

    I would like the Blue Aloha Collection. My son would love it.

  123. Donna says

    I faved you on technorati.

  124. Donna says

    I follow UVSkinz on twitter. (donnak4)

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