Run And Listen To Music Safely With AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones {& Giveaway!}

I really enjoy going for a run. It always feels so great to get outside and get my body moving. Something that is a must have on my runs is music. I must have really good music to keep me going when I really don't want to run anymore. AfterShokz Trek Titanium are my absolute favorite wireless headphones. They have helped take my runs to the next level because they are so light weight. My husband … [Read more...]

Get Quality Phone Accessories At Great Prices With CellularOutfitter!

It is crazy how much cell phones have become an essential part of life. I got my first job when I was a junior in high school and then I bought my first phone. It was just this little flip phone for making phone calls, texting, and playing the game snake. That was 13 years ago and now my phone is a big part of my day. Other than the basic phone calls and text messages it is my alarm clock, my … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Wireless Tracks AIR Headphones {Review & Giveaway!!!}

I have been killing it this new year with a few of my goals for the new year.  One of them is of course about making healthier choices. For example drinking more water, cutting out sugar, and exercising daily. I think most people make similar goals for the new year. It is so hard to stick to though! Especially the getting to the gym and exercising one. My husband is gone most of the day, I have … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones {Review & #Giveaway}

When SOL REPUBLIC asked me to try out their Master Track over-ear headphones I was so excited, and knew that they would be put to good use.  My husband travels a lot for his job.  He is on an airplane traveling all over the country a few times a month.  He is also a huge sports fanatic.  Whenever he can he is listening to ESPN, sports talk radio, or whatever game might be on. … [Read more...]