Random Thursday -Playgrounds, Turkeys, Entrecard, and Pampered Chef! Oh my!

So I guess this is turning into a pattern for me. I like my random Thursday's! I love hearing from you guys too! All the comment love has been awesome lately!I have some great things to share with you!! I am so excited I signed on today and hit 300+ followers! Yay! Crazy! I have some great giveaways coming up. Just a few hints are a $149.99 feeding chair, jewelry, baby/toddler items, and stuff for … [Read more...]

Top EntreCard Droppers for March! And the how to for dummies directions link

So I keep meaning to post my top droppers for the past month! If you don't know what Entrecard is or your having a hard time understanding it click here. I had a really hard time "getting" it too and so I wrote the basic Entrecard for dummies post LOL! (feel free to share the link if you want too)So with a big thank you for being my top droppers I want all my readers to take a moment and check … [Read more...]

Entrecard: Follow up and answers,aka entrecard for beginners

So, thanks to all who have responded by either comments or emails. They helped a lot. I brought my boys to the children's museum today for a few hours and that basically means I stood in front of this for hours on end LOL. Secretly I'm rather jealous I can't run around on it...and this is only one side of this room! I love the bubble room best (of course I make the kids all make the handmade … [Read more...]

Entrecard: Finally figuring this out. Some questions though-

So, I was recently told about Entrecard. It's a way to advertise on your blog and get your advertisements on other blogs. I signed up awhile ago but couldn't understand it whatsoever and gave up. I kept getting emails from them saying people wanted approval for the advert. So I finally went back to the site to figure it out. Of course not being a manual type girl it always makes it harder. I like … [Read more...]