Random Thursday -Playgrounds, Turkeys, Entrecard, and Pampered Chef! Oh my!

So I guess this is turning into a pattern for me. I like my random Thursday’s! I love hearing from you guys too! All the comment love has been awesome lately!I have some great things to share with you!! I am so excited I signed on today and hit 300+ followers! Yay! Crazy! I have some great giveaways coming up. Just a few hints are a $149.99 feeding chair, jewelry, baby/toddler items, and stuff for older kids too!
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ENTRECARD USERS- I, too, have decided not to accept paid advertisers. I plan on only accepting ads from you hard-working droppers! I don’t think its fair that the paid ads get to jump ahead AND take time away from the person who earned their credits! I am however extremely upset to hear that Entrecard plans on penalizing the users who do this by taking away their rank in their category. Especially since I finally made it into the top 3 rows! Ugh! I hope that by enough of us users refusing to accept the ads it will make a big enough impact!
**Do you know I got a warning email that I have 72 hours to move up my widget or they will delete me, UGH! Um, It’s still in the length of my first post!?!?!**

So, I busted my butt ok ok Hubby busted his butt finishing the yard and cutting down trees while I took the kids to a birthday party and we finally bought the boys their playground! We ended up getting a Disney series through Home Depot. Poor hubby has to put the thing together and the manual alone would take me a week to read!!! It’s literally 2 inches thick! I’m super excited we added on an extra slide! Its called ‘the turbo twister’. I think I may be even more excited than the boys!

Speaking of our yard- every morning for about 20 minutes we have a ton of turkeys take over our yard!! I’m talking like 30 turkeys!!! We watch from the back deck doors and the kids get a kick out of it but they look mean!!! We mentioned it to a few people and they said they’ll attack you, so I have warned the kids not to go near turkeys LOL! Anyone know hoe to keep them out of your yard??? We have woods behind us so it may not be that easy.

Friday night I am hosting my annual Pampered Chef party! I am the biggest Pampered Chef fan out there. My entire kitchen is Pampered Chef! After we lost our house to the fire I had a huge show to get all my stuff back! I {heart} Pampered Chef! I have been cleaning like a maniac since I have people over….even though I know it will be a mess again once everyone goes home LOL! We are making Tomato Basil Squares Pizza and Nutty Caramel Warm Brownies! Yum! I will try to sneak you the recipes! If your interested in ordering any product please leave me a comment (or email) so that I can email you a link so I can get credit towards my party (and a huge appreciative thank you from me!) If you check back to any of the recipes I’ve posted here you’ll notice all the tools I use are 99% PC!

Easter Plans
Saturday I am taking the boys to the town egg hunt. My mom is coming with me since the boys are in two different age categories and they start at the same time. It’s not much of a hunt they just throw them in a big open field. It comes down to a) who’s the fastest and b) who brought the bigger bag LOL! It’s great too because they have the Easter Bunny there and they let you have your kids sit on his lap and take pictures with your own camera for free…secretly that’s what I go for! I’m so not paying the mall $21 for one 5×7 picture!
Sunday we go over my inlaws with all of my hubby’s family and spend the day together! I can’t wait to show you their baskets!!! Ok so they are personalized bags I had made from Etsy. But you will want one too once I show them too you!

What are your plans for this holiday weekend?


  1. Jenny says

    Wild turkeys? We get them here too and I love watching them, especially when they bring their little ones around. I’ve never heard of anyone being attacked by a wild turkey–just domestic ones being aggressive and not scared of people.

  2. NICO Designs says

    I like your randomness…I am leaving EC–especially with the whole being penalized thing going on. They need to fix the system before they penalize anyone.

    Easter–we, too, are doing the running in the field with hoards of children racing and grasping. But I do think parents can be dreadful:) I cannot wait to see the baskets; we got a really cute one from my MIL last night and I might have to make a second one for my son.

    Kudos to you about the followers. You have come quite a way from when I 1st read your blog–you are so busy with it!

    Have a great weekend,

  3. tscrapper says

    I love these random posts, and congrats on the followers! You do such a great job of keeping up w/ your blog.

  4. BrigaBauble says

    It’s times like Easter when I love to borrow my nephews (ages 5 and 11) so I can participate in such fun things as an Easter egg hunt. Alas, they’re out of town this year with their actual parents. I love Pampered Chef and dream of the day when I can afford it. LOL


  5. Grammatically Delicious Designs says

    The turkeys will attack. Trust me, I know. More than a few times, when I was a kid, my sister would scream from the back yard, and I would have to go try to save her by spraying the turkeys with a garden hose. Chickens can even get vicious, though. Don’t get me started on that!


  6. NeaCakes says

    email me about pampered chef.


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