Entrecard: Finally figuring this out. Some questions though-

So, I was recently told about Entrecard. It’s a way to advertise on your blog and get your advertisements on other blogs. I signed up awhile ago but couldn’t understand it whatsoever and gave up. I kept getting emails from them saying people wanted approval for the advert. So I finally went back to the site to figure it out. Of course not being a manual type girl it always makes it harder. I like to just play around and figure it out on my own….especially when the instructions are forever long. So, last night I started fiddling around and realized I got points when someone wanted to advertise on my blog. I also got points if some one clicked the word drop on my icon on my page I’d get 1 point. If I clicked on someone else’s I’d get 1 point as well. At least this is my understanding. So last night I started blog hopping clicking everyone’s drop that I could find. You have a limit of 300 drops per day. Limit? Seriously I hit 90 and it took me forever!!! I didn’t even read half the blogs I stopped at. I then started googling for faster ways to do this. There are sites out there that say you can drop 300 in 20 minutes if you use firefox and download some program. I’m good. I am already having issues with my computer – it seems when I am on the entrecard site I am running scripts. It states you should turn them off but I don’t know how. So I finally stopped b/c it was giving me such a hard time.
So~ do you use Entrecard?
Do you fully understand it?
What makes one blog worth 800 points and another is only 8 points?
Is popularity based on page views of drops?
Do you feel your traffic has picked up since you started it?
I have many new thoughts after this and tomorrow’s blog will be triggered by some of the blogs I read while jumping around. Its funny what you can find when you get out of your own little blog circle of friends….and wow some people do nothing but advertise and I couldn’t even find a posting! Anyways, if you could help me with any of the above questions that would be great.
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  1. hdawnparratt says

    hha sounds too complicated for this girl hhaahha

  2. sassyglassdesigns says

    I have been thinking about doing the Entrecard thing but…it does sound time-consuming. I wonder does it really help.

  3. TiLT says

    Hey there 🙂

    Simple breakdown:
    Yes – I understand it 🙂

    The worth is based on ads placed on your widget on your blog. 2 pts for 1, 4 hen 2 are on it, then 8, then 64….so if there are 3 ads waiting in your queue, your blog is worth 8 pts

    popularity (I believe) is based on not just points but how many people have hearted you as favorites.

    and yes – traffic has gotten huge with it…higher bounce rate, but many stop & browse…even follow

    I myself have found lots of great blogs to follow

    I highly recommend using their toolbar…and to quickly get points, drop lots (bookmark blogs in folders according to where their widget is placed is a good way…like "top right"…then open in all tabs & drop away)

    did I help or make it more confusing ? :/

  4. Tammy says

    It took me a bit to figure out how to use entracard too. But it worked!!

  5. Julie D says

    I’ve been using EC off and on for a few months. I tried a variety of ways to make for easy drops. I finally decided to try the tool bar. You have to use Firefox, but it is much easier.

    Once you’ve downloaded the tool bar, you can sort by favorites (and it’s easy to add favorites) or most popular or a variety of other methods.

    I’ve done 300 drops 3 days in a row (and 250 the day before) and my “price” went from 128 to 384–even the wait list for ads didn’t increase.

    I can’t do 300 everyday though.

    Good luck.

  6. Dee says

    I’ve JUST started as well..I learned that if someone has a Mr. Linky on their blog with all entrecard users, you can hit ctrl and click on 10-15 at a time to open them all at once to drop. I’m going to put a Mr. Linky in a few minutes so everyone I know can put their blogs on there if they have Entrecard…stop by and do it too!

  7. The Petersons says

    I recently started doing entrecard too and I still don’t understand a lot of it. I can’t imagine being able to drop on 300 a day. I got to 100 once and it took me almost an hour! I do like it for finding other blogs I normally wouldn’t see though….Like yours, I just found you through ecard! Good luck with it.

  8. jayewalking says

    I’ve just started to get the hang of Entrecard too. There is an E book on the site that you can download, but I didn’t really read too much of it yet. From your Dashboard, you can go to the forums and get some points and tips there too. My traffic has definitely increased and I’m getting more comments too. I use the toolbar. It loads 10 pages at a time, so you can drop 10, load another 10 and go. I don’t often drop 300, but I have done a few times.

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