Entrecard: Follow up and answers,aka entrecard for beginners

So, thanks to all who have responded by either comments or emails. They helped a lot.
I brought my boys to the children’s museum today for a few hours and
that basically means I stood in front of this for hours on end LOL.
Secretly I’m rather jealous I can’t run around on it…and this is only one side of this room!
I love the bubble room best (of course I make the kids all make the handmade paper!).Anyways getting a bit off subject! Entrecards! I thought I’d sum up the answers I got between emails and comments from my first post. I think once you understand it, it’s not as hard as you think! I still don’t have it fully down but got far tonight LOL!

here’s what’cha do:

~Here’s how to set up~
1. Go to entrecard and sign up.
~request to be evaluated. You have to follow a few rules to participate.
**Hint, if you have an auto start music player-get rid of it or turn the auto start off.
2. Once your approved, download fire fox.
3. Fill out your info & such (like profile, add an advert pic).
You can find this info by clicking on Dashboard at the top menu.
4. Get your advert on your blog.
Once it’s set up and it reads ‘drop’ on it like mine, you’re good to go!

~Now to understanding it~
1. Your advert~
Find this by going to Dashboard. Then to Your Entrecard.
There should be a pic of your drop box. Click the link “View”.
Mine reads like this:

This page is what everyone sees. Its kinda like your personal entrecard score card per say. Under the pic of your drop box there is a little black list. It reads: Wait (how many days until it airs from when someone buys it), Price (the price it will cost another entrecard user to purchase the entrecard space for that whole day), Advertise (this gives the person the option to request to be on your page). If a person doesn’t have enough EC (points) that day it will read too expensive. We will get into advertising yours later though.

Then it goes on to show recent blog posts. Then a bit of advertising the people you like and some others too.

2. Earning EC points.
Go back to Dashboard.
the little avatars at the top are people who have clicked on your drop box recently.
I make an effort to make sure to click each one of them back.
To click earn 1 EC you need to go to their blog and find their entrecard on their blog and click the drop button. Someone paid to have their pic and link in that entrecard that day for the exposure). You want people to come and click you.

3. Finding Entrecards on other blogs.
This is where the time-consuming part had come into play. You have a cap of 300 drops you can give per day. I tried doing that last night and it took me forever to get to 90!!! I thought there was no way people clock out at 300 on a regular basis!
I got some great tips to making it faster and every step worked!
~I made 300 clicks in less than an hour!!!~
First the lovely TiLT Creations told me about the tool bar that Entrecard has. Its only available with Firefox!!! That’s why I started you with that.
Click here for the link.
Once you get this tool bar it keeps you updated with how much EC’s you have and how many drops you have given that day. You can also set the bottom three large grey buttons.
My favorite section is “Parenting & Family” so I put that there in the middle bottun. Then “Most Popular” in the last one. {Click here to figure out which sections fit you.} Click the first (single) green arrow. It will immediately bring you to all the blogs that carry a entrecard drop on their site. This also helps you get exposure (they know your dropping it b/c your avatar is showing up on the top of their dashboard, remember?) in the main area you want to be noticed in.
I loved going through all the blogs and seeing all the different perspectives out there in life.
TiLT also gave me this link to Junkie Yard who has great tips on all features like if your scripting or not. I definitely want to go back to that blog and do some follow up.
~really fast~
I found this website and it gives you 300 links all in 10 drops at a time. Its far less personal because you’re not reading your just dropping….but your still getting it done and fast.
The site is called Entrecard Droppers. I found it SO fast. I wanted to see how long it would take and it only took about 12 minutes (I already had 120 drops though).

4. Getting your entrecard advertised on other blogs.
Go back to your dashboard. Click the button “Campaign” right near the dashboard button.
This will bring you to all the different categories. Remember, you peeked through them earlier when you were looking to drop. Find the category that would best advertise your blog or product. I chose parenting & family because I am often chatting about my kids or mom things. Other times I am doing giveaways and funny stuff that’s kinda random or a good family recipe. Pick & click on that category you choose. You will then have all of that sections most popular (and usually most expensive) blogs to get drops and make sales. Don’t start here. I have learned some of the more expensive cards aren’t necessarily the best blogs. (I’m also not saying they aren’t). But some only have 9, 16, or 27 followers. Shocking if you ask me. It people not looking where they are posting. I change the option of most popular and click cheap. It brings me to some blogs that are 2-32 EC instead of 817 EC!!!
~What I think is a great find~
A blog that has a lot of comments.
A blog that is pretty to look at.
A blog I wouldn’t mind reading myself.
A blog with a lot of noted followers.
I think all those things show that people ARE going to this blog and your advert will get noticed.
**I use my own blog to compare others too.

So as long as that was…that was just the basics. But I am getting by just fine without the basis. And the responses I got were a lot of people finding my blog through entrecard so I now feel I know it working! Plus, my rate went from 4 ec today to 264!!!
If I messed up anywhere or you have something you like to offer please comment!
Don’t forget about my giveaway going on right now either!
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  1. Audrey says

    It’s funny I found this post – I am reading blogs and dropping ecards at the same time!!

  2. BURAOT says

    leigh, thanks for the plugging. i will definitely reciprocate the link. cheers!

  3. TiLT says

    woo hoo! Glad you got it all figured…well, enough anyway.
    Don’t forget – you can go through your Inbox with the toolbar too….just set the middle button to “Inbox” and the last can be set to “newest” so you can hit everyone that dropped on you that day or “most popular” for who drops on you the most..or Favorites for all those you have hearted (which you can do up on the toolbar when you are on a blog…the little heart just after the double arrow)


  4. Megryansmom says

    Great directions, I’m going to send people here when they ask about Entrecard.

  5. fedhz says

    very very helpful article. I am using Buraot’s entredropper too.

    by the way, i like the playground for kids. I hope I can find something like that near our house. thanks!!!

  6. Lynne says

    sounds like you were able to get it all figured out! Welcome to EC and happy dropping!
    I can drop fairly quickly, but I like to stop and read so it always takes me way longer than I plan!

  7. Gifted Designs says

    Hmmm…I’ll have to sit back and read this when I have more time to absorb everything…:)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. BURAOT says

    hey jen, thanks for the heads up. i will be working on it today. i already added your site on the list. it’s on batch #4. it would be active in a few minutes.


  9. Half-Past Kissin' Time says

    It was very generous of you to write this all out! Thanks.

  10. Miss T says

    Hello there, Thanks alot for sharing, great post!

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