Little Bamboo Baby – Pamper your Baby & the Environment – Review

If your looking for baby items that are earth friendly and organic then you need to visit Little Bamboo. All their baby blankets, hooded towels, crib sheets, muslin wraps, etc are made from bamboo a very renewable resource that provides many benefits. Did you know that bamboo is naturally antibacterial which means overall its healthier to use. Its also great because bamboo is very breathable making it cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter ones. It’s silky soft to the touch and is perfect for up against baby’s skin.
I had the opportunity to review a couple of items from this lovely shop. What I really loved about the baby blanket was that is was incredibly soft. It had a great waffle weave texture and is 100% bamboo except for the trim! The baby blanket I received was cradle or bassinet sized which made it also perfect for swaddling with. It would also be the perfect size for stroller use.
What I love about this product also is although it is white and now a days we enjoy everything color coordinated but when you think about it a chemical is usually used to make that color. You can feel confident with Little Bamboo that you are getting a great natural product for your infant or child.
I also received an infant hooded towel to review. At first glance you would just think its an ordinary towel. Then you touch it. I think it has to be the softest towel my son has used or owned. It is the same size as any other hooded towel. Since bamboo is 60% more water absorbent then cotton you know your child will be drier faster. While this towel does have some cotton in it, it is still 70% bamboo.

So regardless if you are a new mom, an expectant mom, or an established mom just needing to replace some linens. Little Bamboo Baby has you covered…or at least your baby’s skin covered!

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