Healthy Recipe Options to Be Successful During Your Super Bowl Party

The NFL Playoffs are in full swing, which means the Super Bowl will be here before we know it! Whether or not you're a football fan, we all know one interest everyone has surrounded the game… the FOOD.  Football food tends to be notoriously unhealthy, but I say… WHHYYYYY? Plan ahead, and you can still enjoy yourself without killing your healthy goals! Here are some healthy recipe options to be … [Read more...]

Garlic Guacamole Dip Recipe

A year ago if you put a bowl of guacamole in front of me I would have made a face at you and pushed it away. Then my best friend convinced me I needed to try her recipe. At first I tried telling her that avocado's are gross and I cannot stand sour cream. She said not to focus on that. Um, it's the main two ingredients how do I not? I was wrong. It's so good. If you follow me on facebook you knew … [Read more...]