Clean up Your Cleaning Routine With E-Cloth & Chemical Free Products

I enjoy cleaning my house. I guess I am what you would call a "clean freak." I like dusting, vacuuming, and organizing. I also really like to find natural solutions to keep my home clean. I don't like using a lot of the store-bought cleaners, and try to make my own. I want to protect my kids from any extra exposure to any toxic chemicals. The fragrances added to many cleaners can cause acute … [Read more...]

We Failed the #DingDongDiaperDitch {Plus, Pampers P&G Prize Pack #Giveaway}

Back in the early fall I was asked to be a Pampers Baby Board member and since then they have allowed me to help other moms in my community with amazing donations made available to me. Once again they gave me another opportunity. I wanted to pick someone out of my circle of friends and I fell upon an old friend from high school who was actually a second grade teacher at my son's school. She was a … [Read more...]

Get your Dishes Clean with Cascade Platinum Pacs #MyPlatinum #Sponsored

We have hard water. Like really hard water. Up until a few years ago I never understood why my mom would always complain about hard water but one of the most annoying things hard water will do is leave a white residue on everything. Most of you know it as soap scum in your showers but when you start seeing the white spots on your dishes it's not pleasant. Now hard water isn't dangerous. All it … [Read more...]