My #BlogHer12 Highlights! Finally! NYC!

I know this post took a bit. I came home so exhausted from BogHer12 that it took a few days to get any energy back and get use to my new laptop since TSA smashed my old one. Thanks again United.  As you know I went to BlogHer thanks to my awesome sponsor Contours Baby! Sarah and I just loved wearing our shirts all over! I handed out 50 of these USB's while I was there. I couldn't believe how … [Read more...]

#Blogher10 Tourist Angle

Yesterday I shared with you my BlogHer highlightsfrom the "blog" aspect but I also was quite the tourist there too. As you know the husband came down for Friday & Saturday night so when I wasn't off with the girls, scoping out the Expo Hall, or socializing at a sponsored event I was off with him to see as much of the city as possible.Even though I only live a few hours away the two of us have … [Read more...]

#Blogher10 Rocked! Pics, Craziness, & More!

BlogHer.Was so crazy, so busy, so awesome I still can't wrap my head around it all.I can't focus or pull my head out of the complete exhaustion I feel right now.My trip started Thursday morning when my best friend met me at my house at 7:30am to load my stuff in her car and drive me there. We arrived shortly before noon and it was complete sheer insanity. The hotel was crowded and just pulling in … [Read more...]

I’m BlogHer Bound! NYC Here I Come!

This is my last post and then the laptop is being powered off and I'm going to go pack my suitcase. I know I'm one to procrastinate! I don't even know what I'm packing other then the clothes I got from Dress Barn the other day. I was so excited when I found out I won a gift card from them on Twitter!Don't forget if you will be at BlogHer in NYC you need to find me to grab you great swag bag!What's … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life…

Lovable Labels has a contest for a rockin' sponsorship to BlogHer! Here are the details:These are the four categories...I have chose the 'A Day In The Life' option. My life is anything but thrilling, but let me tell you about today. First off it started off all wrong. Today was my first day back to work. At 9am. I woke up at 9:30am with two kids that Dad was supposed to take with him in the … [Read more...]

I’m Going to BlogHer, Are you? Need a Sponsorship? Why I’m Entering To Be An Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger and get $2000 to Help w/ My Expenses!

That's right I'm going to push up my sleeves and make it to BlogHer this year! Last year I heard all the hype and just told myself it wasn't something I was interested in. Now I see it as a place to connect with my readers and other bloggers I read. Slowly I began saving my ad money and paid for my BlogHer ticket. I'm watching train schedules now and a sponsorship would really help me get … [Read more...]