#Blogher10 Rocked! Pics, Craziness, & More!

Was so crazy, so busy, so awesome I still can’t wrap my head around it all.
I can’t focus or pull my head out of the complete exhaustion I feel right now.

My trip started Thursday morning when my best friend met me at my house at 7:30am to load my stuff in her car and drive me there. We arrived shortly before noon and it was complete sheer insanity. The hotel was crowded and just pulling in and getting a bell hop took over a half an hour! There were special signage everywhere the Hilton was ready for this trip!

When I got up to my room this was the view! It was great, and I was only 10 floors up! I didn’t share my room with anyone because my hubby was driving up the next day.
Since we didn’t hit any traffic and I didn’t have anywhere to be for a couple hours I immediately started putting together the swag bags I was going to be handing out. Considering how crazy busy everything became I was very glad I took the time to put them all together right from the start. It definitely made it so much easier! All of my bags were gone by the next day! Everyone seemed to really enjoy them!

Thank you again to:
Carolina Pad
Nolcha PR
Name Your Tune CDs
Paris Hilton TEASE

My first event was the ‘Style ‘n Smile Event‘! Jenny Garth was the speaker and her daughter was even one of the models! The American Association of Orthodontists even gave the Boys & Girls Club $10,000!
Of course I was tickled pink when I actually got to meet her, talk to her, and take a picture at the end!
From there on it was a complete whirlwind and I forgot to take my camera out for half the night. I went to Samsung and got to check out their awesome new appliances including the new washer & dryers I would love to own and their new 4 drawer fridge that completely rocks! Can you believe I had to turn down a dinner to per se?!?! It killed me! From there the craziness of Mom Select & Team Mom kept me busy.
My last event of the night was Nikon’s Nite Out at a roof top party in Bryant Park. It was beautiful.
Really beautiful.
The days were completely crazy and the events and parties went on and on until Saturday night ending with the Galmour & Games with e.l.f. cosmetics & Xbox party. I even had my makeup done by a professional . It’s hard not to get caught up with the company events as they really do put on great events that let you not only connect with them and their brand but other amazing bloggers!
Here is Kate from The Shopping Mama & I rockin‘ our Energizer Shirts!

Of course this is where I *must* thank Energizer for making this trip truly possible! I loved being a ChargHer and I can’t wait to hear who won the $500 gift card from the USB’s we handed out! It was great having people recognize our shirts and come up to us!

Michelle from Kolcraft & I catchin‘ some rays from the Jimmy Dean Sun!
I was so excited to get to meet Blue Violet from A Nut in a Nutshell at the Mom Central cocktail party. Believe it or not Hubby took this shot. He is definitely improving!
Of course you have to give some love to the My Blog Spark Pillsbury Dough Boy!
BlogHer was SO much fun! I left yesterday once it was check out time. The hubs and I then went to the other side of town for some fun tourist sight seeing which I will share with you tomorrow! For now it’s time to start figuring out where in the world I’m going to put all this swag:
In case you haven’t heard…BlogHer 11 will be held in
San Diego, CA
If you’re planning on going you can buy your ticket HERE.

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