#Blogher10 Tourist Angle

Yesterday I shared with you my BlogHer highlightsfrom the “blog” aspect but I also was quite the tourist there too. As you know the husband came down for Friday & Saturday night so when I wasn’t off with the girls, scoping out the Expo Hall, or socializing at a sponsored event I was off with him to see as much of the city as possible.Even though I only live a few hours away the two of us have never been to the city together although both of us had been before. Hubby was actually at the World Trade Centers the day before the attack.As you also know this was just my hotel room view. I had to leave the curtains open the entire time.
We spent a lot of time in Times Square checking out all the stores and taking photos.
Farther back.
Turn around. See the bleachers in the center?

The ferris wheel inside the Times Square Toys R Us.
M&M Store had every color imaginable in their 3 floor store.
Don’t forget the Naked Cowboy!
(I also saw a female impostor)
The Hershey store which was WAY smaller then I expected.
My first ride in a subway. Even in Boston I’ve always avoided them.
The Empire State Building from below.
Empire State Building 86th floor.
(Notice it’s dark now…the line took FOREVER)
After that we walked all the way back to the hotel and ended up walking through Times Square and had a crazy over priced dinner at Planet Hollywood.

When we checked out of the hotel Hubby and I drove around to see some landmark sites as well.

9/11 World Trade Center – Ground Zero
to think 9 years later there is still construction going on.

Battery Park – Statue of Liberty
Finally remembered I brought the nice camera!
These were the kinds of ships near it.
And these. It was huge.
We had SO much fun! I really wish we had another day or two. It just makes me want to plan a weekend getaway there with the kids.

BlogHer was a blast. Both of us had a lot of fun!
I cannot wait to go to San Diego, CA next year! It is one of those locations I have alwayswanted to visit. The hubby and I are already talking about how to make it work.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    LOL!The Naked Cowboy!Great pix!My fiance’ is from NY and we are planning on going this summer.I can’t wait because I have never been 🙂

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