Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}

Halloween Paper Plate Spiders Craft Perfect for Preschoolers #funcraftswithmom

It’s almost Halloween and I can’t wait! It’s such a fun time of year for me and the kids and I make sure to enjoy all of October to celebrate! The boys and I made these cute Paper Plate Spiders to get them in the Halloween spirit!

Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}


Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}

To start punch four holes somewhat evenly spaced on each side of the plate. See the photo above to see how to punch the plates. Then thread your chenille stems (also known as pipe cleaners) through each hole.

Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}

To form the legs you’ll want to bend each stem or “spider leg” in half and try to make it firm enough to stand. Smaller kids will need help with standing legs but you can also just leave them flat.

Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}

The kids favorite part was putting the eyes on. We went with eight eyes for all the spiders. We used two different kinds of wiggle eyes. I really like the Self-Adhesive Wiggle Eyes because they don’t fall over the place and they peel and stick just like a sticker making it easier on everyone. We also really like the Super Huge Black Wiggle Eyes because of their size so we keep stock in both. The Super Huge Black Wiggle Eyes easily attach to paper with just a glue stick.

Paper Plate Spiders {Fun Crafts with Mom}

They turned out great! If you wanted to use them for decor you could easily set them up anywhere but the kids just hid them all outside and then had each other try and find them. While the legs often get all messed up they were an easy fix when they wanted them to be straight again. Fun for all ages!

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Fun Crafts With Mom #funcraftswithmom

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  1. Natalie Brown says

    Such a super cute idea & easy too! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. Terri S. says

    This is a fun project to do with my 2 granddaughters (sisters). I like to make a Halloween party at my home for them and their cousins. I love to decorate for Halloween. Thanks for sharing your Paper Plate Spiders craft! 🙂

  3. Janet W. says

    What a cute idea! This would be easy for my grandsons to make and they would enjoy adding all of the eyeballs!

  4. Cynthia R says

    This is a cute craft, low cost and easy enough for my kids to do. Thanks!

  5. vickie Couturier says

    how cute,,they always make such cute crafts

  6. These are very cute, my 4 year old would love to make one!

  7. ellen beck says

    Ha! We made some of these and hung them in the trees. It scared the dickens out of a squirrel this morning. I saw that thing jump backwards when it ran up to it. I love these!

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