The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough! {Fun Crafts with Mom}

We are on a playdough kick around here, can you tell? That’s because it is SO easy to make. It’s a no cook playdough too! I’ve never really been one to let the kids play with playdough inside, and it’s has been more of an outdoor play thing but not anymore. This playdough is so soft and easy to manipulate and takes just minutes to make. It doesn’t get easier. I make a bulk batch and then the rest of the month we play around and color and change it. We just make our second batch and had fun making some festive Leprechaun Gold Play Dough we shared last week.

Make this super simple no cook play dough for the best kids playdough around! It's soft, easy to color, and stores well for weeks and weeks! Find recipe on

I’ve been asked to share my base formula, and this is it. You’re NEVER going to buy playdough ever again. Not only is this playdough cheaper, but it’s easier, and you know exactly what is in it. It’s completely edible should little fingers try, but it won’t taste good, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I do use Cream of Tarter to make it and found the cheapest way is to order it in bulk on Amazon. FAR more bank for your buck and you’ll be able to make a lot more than one batch at a time. If you buy it in the supermarket McCormick’s should run you about $5 for this amount.


  • 4 Cups of Flour
  • 1 Cup of Salt
  • 1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup of Cream of Tartar
  • 3 Cups Boiling Water

Make this super simple no cook play dough for the best kids playdough around! It's soft, easy to color, and stores well for weeks and weeks! Find recipe on momspotted.comCombine flour, salt, cream of tarter & oil in a bowl. Then add in boiling water and stir. I start with a spoon, but I quickly change over to using my hands to knead it all together. It will come together in just a matter of minutes.

The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough!

Then I flatten out my ball as evenly as possible and cut it with a butter knife. Now you have eight different play dough portions. You can also make them bigger and just make them into four pieces. Just roll the playdough into a ball at this point and put in airtight container or bag.

The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough!

Or you can add in food coloring or Wilton icing dyes. Both are great, but I like the icing dyes because you have so much more options color wise. You can also add in glitter both fine and chunky, but I like the chunky glitters best.

The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough!

In the summer we pull out all the crazy PlayDoh sets, and my kids have a blast, but inside we keep it simple with some regular favorites: PlayDoh Scissors, Kids Rolling Pin, Mickey Cookie Cutters, and some of his sensory kit items like pirate coins and gems and a butter knife.

The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough! Tools We like to use!

I can’t tell you how many hours of play this play dough has provided. Sawyer just loves it, and I love that I can have fun playing with him or he can play creatively on his own while I’m working on something else.

The BEST Easy No Cook Play Dough! Sawyer playing

When its plain play dough I just store it all in the same bag together but once it’s colored or glittered it goes into its own bag. I then place all the bags into one bag. Some of this no cook playdough is older than a month and is still good as the day we made it.

Play Dough Storage

sime and easy no cook playdough

Have you ever made your no cook playdough?

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  1. My youngest loves playdough but I’ve always thought it was so hard to make. This looks easy and fun though!

  2. What fun! My kids always just played with the PayDoh you bought at the store.

  3. Avry says

    This dough looks soft – Does it stay pretty soft? I’ve tried to make play dough before but it always turns out rock hard!

    • Jennifer says

      It is so soft- even a month later!

  4. Erin says

    Very useful! We have board games that require play doh!

  5. With spring break approaching, I’ll be looking for fun activities to keep little hands busy. This will be great fun.

  6. lisa says

    My kids love play dough! I’m going to have to try this recipe and make my own!

  7. Wendy says

    Oh, how my kids LOVED playdough! We had it on our playroom every day!

  8. Hey, I have that same cutting board 🙂 Your play dough looks so nice, and soooo much better than the stuff I’ve attempted to make. I’m definitely saving your recipe!

  9. Lee says

    I love DIY playdough. I remember Mr. Rogers teaching us how to do this when we were very little. Great memories.


  10. I remember making this as a kid. My 12 year old could do make this with his brother and they could have loads of fun with it over spring break. Thanks for the post!

  11. I made my own play dough in a college education class! I don’t let my kids play with it in the house – but only because we have carpet in our dining room.

  12. Lynsey Jones says

    Ok this may seem like a really dumb question – but is there a trick to getting the color in to the playdough without it staining your hands? The one time I did this I had blue hands for two days LOL

    • Jennifer says

      Yes! I wear gloves! Also, I make a pancake with it and then drip the dye or gel in the center and then fold it over. Then I knead it in. Repeat until desired color. Knead well to fully blend. It’s mess free for the most part but every now and then it will find an air pocket so be careful.

  13. I love the idea of using some more fun color shades with Wilton colors. Playdough is already fun, but kids do get excited about the color!

  14. I’ve never tried making my own playdough. It turned out great and it looks like Sawyer is enjoying it!

  15. stacey trim (@trimgirl) says

    looks like fun I have to save for later 🙂

  16. I need to get this for the boychild, he is obsessed with play doh so he would love this.

  17. courtney b says

    I love this because every time I buy my kids play dough they destroy it , eat it or let it dry out. THIS way I wont have to keep spending money on the darn stuff!


  18. Making playdough is on my bucket list of craft things to do with the kids. I like that this seems fairly simple. Does this dry out quickly, though?

    • Jennifer says

      I have play dough almost 2 months old still. I usually throw it out before it goes bad. Air tight is the key. Don’t use cheap bags if you use bags, the plastic is cheap and air gets in.

  19. vickie couturier says

    no I havent made my own play dough,,ive ususally been a anti play dough parent because many years ago,that stuff would set up like cement on carpet,that was back in the day of shag carpet,,and it was a terror to try to get out,so I made a rule no play dough at home,,anywhere else is okay ,but not at home,,my kids are 30 and 40 now,,im glad to see that play dough isnt as bad as it used to be,,i would let the grandkids play with this reciepe at my house,,glad to know its not as bad now as it used to be

    • Jennifer says

      Honestly, I felt this way up until recently. The key is only one or two colors at a time and boundaries established where you can play from the start. If Sawyer gets out of his seat, the play dough goes away.

  20. Jennifer says

    My son is a few months younger than Sawyer and he loves Play Doh but my 1 year old daughter likes to eat it. I really need to get in gear and make a batch of this! I love that it doesn’t require cooking!

  21. Lydia Oliver says

    I just used your recipe to make this playdough. It was AWESOME, perfection! It took me a LONG time to color all eight slices of dough though, and I had to go and add glitter, but simply AMAZING! THANK YOU!

    • Jennifer says

      I usually only do a couple colors at once and put the others aside in an air tight container. It lasts pretty long. I’m sure you got a good workout though. I’m glad you liked the recipe!

  22. G K says

    I love the idea of making it yourself. It makes me feel safer knowing exactly what’s in it, and it’s a fun “cooking” lesson.

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