Snowy Sparkle Glitter Slime {Fun Crafts With Mom}

Just like that Christmas is over. The kids just went back to school after having a little over a week off. I wanted to make sure the kids didn't live in front of their screens so we planned lots of fun activities. Since most of the vacation landed after the holiday we wanted to find some fun thing to make that weren't holiday themed. This snow slime was perfect and a huge hit with my boys! Slime … [Read more...]

Joon Natural Skincare For Girls

Not too long ago my niece was staying with us for a short period of time. We're all boy in the house and making her feel welcome while she stayed meant making sure she had some things around that would help her feel more comfortable. When I was asked to review some of the product line for Joon, a natural skincare line for girls, I knew that it would be perfect for her as she wasn't going to want … [Read more...]