New! Youth Veil Airbrush FX from SKINN by Dimitri James – Review!

I was so excited when I was offered a chance to review another item from SKINN - by Dimitri James. As you know I've done several reviews for SKINN, if you've missed any of them you can read them all here. SKINN cosmetics and skin care have always and impressed me and even though by now you'd think they'd stop surprising me I'm still more then impressed with every product I try from SKINN!I was … [Read more...]

Dressed to the Nines – 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact by James Dimitri – Review

It's no secret that I {LOVE} SKINN Skincare & Cosmetic Products by Dimitri James, so when I was asked to review the Dressed to the Nines - 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact I happily accepted!As always SKINN Cosmetics are NEVER tested on animals. It comes with nine of the most up to date colors that will leave your lips feeling soft because of its collagen-forming ingredients in a … [Read more...]

Becoming Beauty the book by James Dimitri with SKINN : Tips, Tricks, and Beauty Secrets you NEED to know! Review!

Dimitri James, the creator of SKINN Cosmetics has done it again! However, this time he did it in a book! This isn't just any book either. Becoming Beauty is filled with many beauty tips, secrets, recipes, and tricks!When I first found out this book was on its way to me, thanks to Lisa at It's a Glam Thing, I was a bit nervous about knowing I would have to read a book on beauty. This book is … [Read more...]

SKINN: Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment you can do at home! Review!

"Skinn Cosmetics are truly revolutionary. While ordinary creams are composed primarily of water, fillers, wax, emulsifiers and preservatives, our products consist of only what works. We've pulled apart the 'ordinary' so we can deliver the extraordinary--actives, essential oils and vitamins in their pure and natural state. Skinn products are water free and concentrated, so you get more of what you … [Read more...]