SKINN: Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment you can do at home! Review!

Check Spelling“Skinn Cosmetics are truly revolutionary. While ordinary creams are composed primarily of water, fillers, wax, emulsifiers and preservatives, our products consist of only what works. We’ve pulled apart the ‘ordinary’ so we can deliver the extraordinary–actives, essential oils and vitamins in their pure and natural state. Skinn products are water free and concentrated, so you get more of what you pay for in every jar.”~ Dimitri James
Have you had interest in having a professional microdermabrasion treatment? Have you looked into how much a professional microdermabrasion treatment can cost you? Try around $100 each! Want to have all the benefits of a professional microdermabrasion treatment then you really need to give this product a try. Plus, you can do it many times for half that price!DermAppeal® Skinn Renewal System

I had the opportunity thanks to ‘It’s a Glam Thing‘ to review this product. At first I was worried that a thermo-enzymatic microdermabrasion treatment system would dry out my skin too much if used it. It didn’t dry it out at all. Make sure to read through the steps. I’ll let you know what it is, how it’s used, and my opinions of how it worked for me.

Step One: Olive & Enzyme Rich Balm Cleanser and Deep Cleansing Mask:
~Rich in Polyphenols and skin resurfacing enzymes, this water-free, super-rich, night-time cleansing balm is the ultimate skin luxury. First, it dissolves dirt, makeup, daily grime, pollution and dead skin cells. It’s so gentle it even removes eye makeup as it softens and smoothes the skin with rich olive butter. Orange oil works to purify, while a new high-tech bio-engineered enzyme resurfaces for the cleanest skin ever! Apply as a mask for the ultimate super smoothing, resurfacing, deep pore cleansing treatment.

– Take small amount and apply to face. Rub in circular motion. You have the choice of then removing this product with warm water or allowing it to sit for a few minutes as a mask. I left it on. I then rinsed with warm water. The smell of this cleanser is great! To me it smells between fruity and tropical. My face felt warm for a moment then cold. This is supposed to happen.

Step Two: DermAppeal® Microdermabrasion Treatment:
This amazing, aluminum oxide free resurfacing and revitalizing treatment utilizes a naturally occurring mineral from the Dead Sea to give you all the benefits of a professional microdermabrasion treatment – at home. Use once or twice a week for a softer, smoother, less lined, no pore look.

-Since I applied step one before I was getting ready I actually took this into the shower with me. Take about a quarter size and softly rub you cheeks, forehead, and chin. Rub softly, a harsh rub could leave your face red. After the use of step one and two my face felt woken up, soft as can, and so smooth!

Step Three: Sulfate Free Rapid Exfoliating Cleanser:
~This water-activated, detergent-free cleanser leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but never stripped. Because this cleanser is sulfate free, it can thoroughly cleanse without damaging the skin’s natural moisturizing factors. It removes skin plaque which ordinary cleansers can’t. Your skin care products will penetrate better and makeup will go on smoother. Contains mild alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA’s) buffered with green tea extract to gently resurface and bring out new layers of skin.

-This can be used as either a wash or a Pore Refining Mask if left on for 5 minutes. I used it as a wash. The scent immediately wakes you up and after washing my face felt very fresh and clean.

Now, all you mommy’s out there that want to complain they don’t have enough time for a product like this, that’s just not true! I applied step one while my 2 year old was in the tub playing. I figured if I was going to be trapped in the bathroom I might as well make it productive! Then once my son was dressed I popped into the shower and finished the rest. No extra time taken away!

Want some of your own? You can buy them individually or can get them in a kit for a discounted price of $48.00 (that’s like getting one for free!). Make sure when you stop on over to the Skinn website you check out all their other great beauty products such as make-up, body treatments, eye & lip treatments, and so much more!

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