Dressed to the Nines – 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact by James Dimitri – Review

It’s no secret that I {LOVE} SKINN Skincare & Cosmetic Products by Dimitri James, so when I was asked to review the Dressed to the Nines – 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact I happily accepted!As always SKINN Cosmetics are NEVER tested on animals. It comes with nine of the most up to date colors that will leave your lips feeling soft because of its collagen-forming ingredients in a creamy, rich formula!

When I first pulled this out of the packaging I was immediately impressed. The case it comes it will last forever. It has nine clear windows so you can see the lip color. The case doesn’t open unless you push the button on the side. What I liked is that you can throw it in your purse and although it opens incredibly easy to the touch, it doesn’t open up in your purse!

It opens at the base upwards and inside there is a good sized mirror at the top. When it opens it stays put at any angle you leave it at allowing you to easily apply the lip color with one hand. There is a nice plastic cover over the lip stick, I would assume this is so that if for any reason it did open up when it shouldn’t, your lipstick isn’t getting on anything or getting dirty. The cover is a nice thick plastic that bubbles over each color. It flips completely over and out of the way. It comes with two brushes with covers. While I found the brushes time consuming to use I just used my fingertips. The brushes were great when you wanted to make sure the lining around your mouth was precise.

I love that the lipstick is not at all greasy, chalky, or sticky. I often don’t like lipstick because of the feel it leaves behind. This has a soft smooth feel almost like lip gloss. The color also stays on for an impressive amount of time.

The only thing I wish it did was list the colors in the compact so that I could buy my favorites individually, as the SKINN Collagen Boosting Platinum Lipsticks. Considering that there are 9 colors in this compact I was happy that all but one shade looked fab on me! I would love to purchase two of them that I received compliments on several times but I don’t know what they are called.

Buy your own Dressed to the Nines – 9 Color Collagen Boost Lipstick Compact for $36.00 directly from SKINN Cosmetics.

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