Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month FIVE!

I can't believe how big my baby is getting and how fast he's growing. This month started off with a bang on teething. Everything and anything he could get in his mouth was there. We tried all sorts of teethers, wet frozen wash clothes, you name it but none of it worked. So we've been rather fussy this month. Fussy- but of course still cute. Of course we're keeping the lookout for when one … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday}

So I thought first off that I'd take the plunge from Wordless to Wordful Wednesday. We all know that nothing about me is wordless. In being wordful I thought I show you a few of my favorite Sawyer videos I've shared on facebook. Yesterday. If you watch one .This is the best. Especially the end where he squeal. He has the camera turned back at him like a mirror. Sawyer is a super good … [Read more...]