Kid Safe, Mom Approved You Tube Videos- Finally! #LegoChannel {Plus #WIN $1K gift card}

Gavin is my gamer. He loves games, videos, and animation. He's often using my ipad so he can go online to view videos. Problem between both YouTube and Netflix I feel like I have to hover over him so that he can enjoy his videos and I can know that he isn't going to land on something inappropriate. Sadly, even if he sticks to the simple searches that I say are okay people out there like to tag … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday}

So I thought first off that I'd take the plunge from Wordless to Wordful Wednesday. We all know that nothing about me is wordless. In being wordful I thought I show you a few of my favorite Sawyer videos I've shared on facebook. Yesterday. If you watch one .This is the best. Especially the end where he squeal. He has the camera turned back at him like a mirror. Sawyer is a super good … [Read more...]