Follow Up on P-touch Labeler by Brother – 6 Months Later!

Six months ago I was asked to test out the P-touch Labeler by Brother. I was actually really excited about the opportunity because I had so many projects I knew I could use these on. I shared a video of their strength and durability back in September and then in October I shared several ways that I used them to organize my craft room. The labeler was so useful in my craft room. I was curious if … [Read more...]

The Brother P-Touch Label Maker Helps Organize My Craft Room!

Last month I received the Brother P-Touch Labeler and told you all about it when I gave it the Tough Challenge Test. I was impressed with how it held up to everything I threw at it. I even video taped the challenge so you could see it at the time I was doing it. Well, this time I had a chance to really play around with the machine, make some labels, and have some fun organizing. I want to tell … [Read more...]

Brother P-touch Label Tough Challenge Test Kit

When we first bought this house six years ago I bought myself a handheld labeler. I was really excited to be able to use it to organize around the house. I went crazy labeling anything and everything I could get my hands on. To my disappointment just a couple weeks later all the labels I made started curling right off. All different materials I had stuck them too and they all fell off. I was so … [Read more...]