Skip the Headaches & Shop for Back to School at JCPenney! #ThatsMyKid

I feel like sometimes I'm the only mom that doesn't know how many days it is until her kids go back. Not because I haven't checked it out on my calendar but because I dread the idea of my boys leaving me. If I'm going to send them off I at least want to make sure that they look good. By following my social channels you can clearly tell I just have the best time dressing Sawyer is the cutest … [Read more...]

jcpenney Portrait Studio {April Promotion} Photography Tips Too!

Now, I'll admit right from the start- I'm no professional. It's taken a lot of practice and a bunch of trial and error before getting the pictures I like. Regardless if you have a simple point & shoot or a professional DSLR you can get good photos. It's just being willing to step out of the normal posed shots and trying something new and not being afraid to fail. I've really been enjoying all … [Read more...]