Skip the Headaches & Shop for Back to School at JCPenney! #ThatsMyKid

I feel like sometimes I’m the only mom that doesn’t know how many days it is until her kids go back. Not because I haven’t checked it out on my calendar but because I dread the idea of my boys leaving me. If I’m going to send them off I at least want to make sure that they look good. By following my social channels you can clearly tell I just have the best time dressing Sawyer is the cutest outfits. The other boys though? Not so much. Gavin is super picky about his clothing and finding things he likes is really difficult. Johnny just won’t go to the mall period.

The only reason we can get Johnny to want to go shopping for clothes is to either trick him or wait until his old clothes are falling apart or don’t fit. He’s super tall and almost 5’11” already (taller than me!!!) which means his shorts were starting to get short. We haven’t bought any since January when they first hit the racks again. See, Johnny refuses to wear pants. He owns a pair for when he has to but otherwise -15 out and snowing you’ll still find him in basketball shorts and cargos.


arizona jeans JCPenney #ThatsMyKid

The problem is by the time we start shopping in August the stores are already out of shorts and have moved on to wind pants and jeans. Last year we to the mall and 5 other stand a lone stores and end up with hardly anything and a very irritated teen. This year when JCPenney offered to help us with our back to school shopping needs I thought it would be a great one stop shop. Then I mentioned it to Johnny. He basically told me he wasn’t shopping there because he knew it was his grandmother’s favorite store and it wasn’t “his style”. I shrugged it off and thought to myself I’ll just bring Gavin then.

A few days later I found myself at the mall and thought I’d walk through JCPenney since it was right next to the store I was there for and realized they had a ton of the brands that Johnny wore. What was he talking about?! They had Addidas, Nike, and even DC brands. All the same brands I was going store to store for! I sent a few pics by text and he agreed to come. He told me it was going to be a failure, I was going to prove him wrong. I was just hoping that shopping with a teen wasn’t going to kill me.

In store  JCPenney  #ThatsMyKid Collage

Not only did he have arm fulls of clothing by the time we were done, but we had a great time too. The store wasn’t over crowded and his size was available in everything he was interested in. After trying everything on he didn’t hand a single thing back! He admitted that maybe his grandmother just shopped in cool stores.


He loved all the graphic tees they had. He just loves tee shirts that have brand logos across them. He loved being able to find some here. He even found a few that allowed him to fully express his goofy side too.

Johnny JCPenney #thatsmykid

He even realized he could look for a new backpack here too!

backpack JCPenney #ThatsMyKid

The best part was that while we were doing this Hubby was able to take our 8 year over to his section and look around. Since he is so picky he likes to go through every thing and carefully pick the things he likes. I loved that I could do all their back to school shopping in one place!

2T-6 boys clothing at JCPenney #ThatsMyKid

Gavin even found a Minecraft shirt he really liked!

Gavin wearing Minecraft Enderman shirt at  JCPenney  #ThatsMyKid

In the end we did really well! Gavin got his shirt and Johnny got a Nike sweatshirt, Nike & Addidas basketball shorts, three pairs of cargos and three graphic tees. Two pairs of pants even came with matching belts! So much for this shopping trip being a complete failure.

Clothing purchased from JCPenney  #ThatsMyKid

You’re probably thinking I broke the bank too, right?

Wrong. Even though the Nike sweatshirt was originally a $55 sweatshirt we still only spent $160! Overall we saved over $106!! If you break it down we paid only $16 per item! Where else can you buy $16 Nike Sweatshirts and $16 Addidas basketball shorts? If you don’t believe me, here’s my receipt.

JCPenney  #ThatsMyKid Receipt

Johnny is so happy with his choices and he’s so glad to have some fresh clothes in time for school. We hope we can grab him a few more pieces at some point but this let us get a huge chunk of it out of the way! Everyone wins!

JCPenney #ThatsMyKid

If you’re shopping with a teenage boy I highly recommend stopping into your closest JCPenney! It’s one stop shopping with all the top brands your kids will like. So save yourself the headache and just bring your whole family over and let your wallet benefit from all the savings!

When It Fits, You Feel It.

JCPenney #ThatsMyKid

What are your kids favorite brands?

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  1. Shannon says

    Great post! Love good deals and your kids are growing up so fast!

  2. Those are some great deals! We have a hard time finding shorts, too. I was even at the mall last weekend and couldn’t find any for my girls! It’s 96 here today. They hardly need sweatshirts!

  3. dannyscotland says

    I love JCPenney! They are so different from what they were when I was a kid. Lots of on-trend stuff for sure now! Oh, and my brother went through a phase in his teen years where he also refused to dress for the weather. He would stand at the bus stop in the freezing cold, shivering, and flat out refusing to put on any kind of coat. It must be a teen boy thing!

  4. I love shopping at JCPenney and love that the prices are REAL. They don’t have those fake markdowns like everywhere else where it looks like you are getting a great deal when in fact they just mark it up in the first place.

  5. Wow, those are great prices. We have a JcPenny’s right next to us and I think that is where I will end up buying my daughter, the rest of her back to school clothes. She still needs a couple pairs of jeans and a shirt or two.

  6. I have honestly never thought of going to JCPenney for back to school shopping! Thanks for sharing!

  7. My boys don’t have favorite brands, but I sure do love JC Penney when I am shopping for them!

  8. Thanks for sharing your scores! I still have some Back to School shopping to do for my kids, so I’ll check out JC Penney with them over the weekend.

  9. robyn says

    Love JCP for my boys back to school uniforms! I bought some uniform shirts elsewhere and ended up returning them and getting my usual ones from JCP!

  10. Nolie says

    What a great score you got on the clothing. I am lucky that the only thing we need to buy this year is new indoor shoes. I am hoping to go buy them this week-end.

  11. Oh they have Minecraft shirts, definitely makes them someplace my kids will want me to shop. Love the prices too!

  12. They found some good looking clothes there. I’ve always had good luck when I go too.

  13. I was trying to avoid the mall for school shopping but giiiirl, those graphic tees are ADORBS!! And your son is so tall and so handsome! How shy was he modeling for you for this post? lol 🙂

  14. Kecia says

    My two are still young enough to wear whatever I buy them, thank goodness! We usually head to The Childrens Place, Carters, or Old Navy. Since they carry Carters, we stop in at JC Penney every once in a while too!

  15. My 6yo son is to the point where he has a definite opinion on what he wants to wear. I can’t wait until he’s a teen (insert smirk here). Looks like your boys had fun and got some great threads.

  16. Karen says

    Your Johnny is such a cute guy, and I love the way he posed for you. I can remember when my son was a teen, he didn’t care what I bought him, he appreciated just getting something new. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  17. Angela S says

    Loving those looks for back to school. I also found some deals at JC Penney’s this summer.

  18. Kerri says

    Looks like you got some great buys at JC Penny. I have to stop in this week.

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