Big Slice Is Your Family’s New Favorite Snack! {& Giveaway!}

One thing I really like doing for my family is menu planning. I love planning out healthy meals that we can all enjoy throughout the week. I love knowing that my kids are being well fed and getting the things they need to keep growing up healthy and strong. My biggest weakness with eating healthy is snacks. I have a tricky time finding snacks that are healthy, can be taken on the go, and that is … [Read more...]

NatureBox: Back To School Snacking Made Easy #natureboxsnacks

I can't believe my kids go back to school on Tuesday. I can't believe summer is over. I try to make September a time to recap and get more organized. I also find that my eating changes and I find myself in the kitchen more and more. This year I'm really trying to change the way I eat. Not just for me but for my family too. I've been looking over a lot of options and a lot of them require me being … [Read more...]