Featured Friday: Spiffing Jewelry

This weeks FF person is Spiffing Jewelry! I love love love her stuff! I have to admit I am the proud owner of these earring right here :) She even gives me the credit for them in the listing since they started out as a custom order from me! They were my cute earring for Christmas, which I got many compliments on I might add! Candy Cane Bauble Earrings Resplendent Buxom Necklace This next … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Luca Tedde

I love this week's featured seller! I have even purchased from him and had the pleasure of seeing his work in person! Luca Tedde's painting is absolutely stunning! Witness of love - original acrylic painting Isn't his work beautiful! If you like him make sure to check out his Etsy Store! He has a bunch of amazing items for sale! Blue Gift BOX and tag (handpainted) Custom Realistic pencil … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: NICO Designs

I thought to start out my very first Featured Friday I would show you to a store I have always drooled over. I have always peeked through her shop and said to myself when I get THAT sale which bag would I buy. Here are just a few of the great bags that are available in her Etsy Store: NICO Messenger Bag 9 Pocket Green Meadow How awesome is this bag. Sturdy enough for a school bag yet stylish … [Read more...]

Featured Etsyblogger: Rose Works Jewelry

This months Featured Etsyblogger is RoseWorks Jewelry. She currently has 2 stores over at Etsy. Her first one is Rose Works Jewelry. She also does giveaways with every 5th purchase! Her second store is called Kindred Spirit Treasures. And if you want to know more about her...here's her blog. … [Read more...]


I have a new addiction. It is made by HeathensHearth from Etsy! I absolutely LOVE their products! If you haven't tried them out yet.....you should! I have often loved sugar scrubs. I usually bought them from Bath & Body Works but for $22 a pop that got old really fast. So I thought I would look around on Etsy and see what their was. I tried a few but truthfully they weren't that great. I … [Read more...]

~Spotted Cow Soaps~

This month the featured Etsyblogger is Spotted Cow Soaps. She has an etsy store where you can find all the lovely products I will show you and if you would like to check her out a bit more here is the link to her blog :) Candy Cane Soap! Cranberry Bath FizziesEnergy Body Lotion … [Read more...]

Etsybloggers- Baby Friendly Beads

This month's featured Etsyblogger is BFBeads. She sells baby safe necklaces for your baby's to play with while you breastfeed. She has two stores over at Etsy. The first one is BFBeads and the second one is Mama's Magic Studio. She also has a blog that you can check out. … [Read more...]

Look what I won!

Thank you to Silver Rose Designs!!! I won these in a contest on her blog! So make sure to check out her blog!!! She makes great jewelry! You can check out all her items in her Etsy Store here. Thanks again I can't wait to wear them and show them off! … [Read more...]


So I joined this new team on Etsy and each month we will be all blogging about a featured seller. This month the featured seller is actually Joey & Aleethea the Admin & Team Leader. You can read her blog here check out her Etsy store here. She has thee cutest baby and children items! I can see Gavin in that adorable blue monster sweatshirt any day, can't you! Even though the signature of … [Read more...]