The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida

Remember my recent trip to Daytona Beach, FL for my cosuin's wedding? Well, we ended up with one day that we didn't have anything scheduled. We went down to the hotel lobby and looked through 101 different pamphlets to try and decide. My Dad happened to call me while we were looking and said don't bother with those. Take a drive about an hour north to St. Augustine and visit the The Alligator Farm … [Read more...]

This little Piggy tried to EAT my camera!

Saturday we actually got a break from the already incredibly cold weather. Since it was in the high 50's we braved outside for some pumpkin fun! We had so many pumpkins to chose from: Of course since we were at a farm we couldn't help but say hi to all the animals while we were there. This little booger tried to eat my camera and thankfully the neck strap is a tough one because he actually got … [Read more...]