This little Piggy tried to EAT my camera!

Saturday we actually got a break from the already incredibly cold weather. Since it was in the high 50’s we braved outside for some pumpkin fun!
We had so many pumpkins to chose from:

Of course since we were at a farm we couldn’t help but say hi to all the animals while we were there.

This little booger tried to eat my camera and thankfully the neck strap is a tough one because he actually got ahold of it and almost stole my camera out of my hands. It was quite a site seeing me try to pry it out of his mouth. Lets just say I didn’t hang it off my neck until I could bring it home and wash it after that! Thankfully this farm had sanitizer stations because it’s not easy wrestling with a pig!

We went on a fun hay ride!

The boys loved it!

When we were done we went and jumped hay bails.

Took a bunch of pictures

And of course went home with lots of pumpkins. The boys both grabbed the two biggest they could find!

Have you visited your pumpkin patch yet? We were pretty late this year.


  1. Oka says

    Have fun cleaning those out 😀

  2. blueviolet says

    I didn’t get out to the patch, but I did buy 2 pumpkins. Yours are monstrous though!

  3. Bobbie says

    we love pumpkin patch/fall outdoor activities. got to be my favorite time of the year!

  4. crazy pig! good thing you used the strap.

  5. Becky Jane says

    Wish there was a video of you wrestling with the pig for your camera! It would probable have won a prize of some kind! :o)

  6. Kayla says

    Aw, I love all your pictures!! And apparently, so did the pig. LOL
    I’m glad you guys had fun 🙂

  7. Mrs. Smitty says

    I absolutely LOVE taking my family to the Pumpkin Patch each year. Usually it’s Pumpkin Patch one weekend, Apple Orchard the next! My daughter loves the ‘corn kernel pools’, she says they’re better than the sandbox lol. I just love the smell of autumn and the colors! Leaves, pumpkins, corn husks, etc.. all so beautiful!

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