The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida

Remember my recent trip to Daytona Beach, FL for my cosuin’s wedding? Well, we ended up with one day that we didn’t have anything scheduled. We went down to the hotel lobby and looked through 101 different pamphlets to try and decide. My Dad happened to call me while we were looking and said don’t bother with those. Take a drive about an hour north to St. Augustine and visit the The Alligator Farm Zoological Park that he really liked and was pretty sure the boys would too. 

From the moment we walked through doors the kids were in awe. There were alligators everywhere. These gators weren’t far off and hard to see either. Sometimes the only thing separating you from these scary guys was a piece of plexiglass.

They even have this cool albino alligator as well as all different kinds of alligators!

The boys were super excited when we told them that they could hold a baby alligator! I was impressed that it only cost $5 to take a photo with my own camera! To me I’d rather have a photo with my camera any day over a formal print I can’t duplicate (or post online). Of course if the formal photo is more your style for a few dollars more you could have one of those too. The mouth of the alligator is taped shut so he can’t snap at the boys.

They have little shows all throughout the day and we had a chance to see several of them. One we really liked was their feeding. This guy goes into the den and walks right up to these alligators!!!Isn’t he crazy!

I mean, seriously??? Don’t you just want this approaching you?

I guess though if you want to dangle a big fat rat you’re asking for it. Check that mouth out!

Personally, if I had to go in there I’d be chillin’ near this dude. He looked relaxed while all this was going on and definitely had no interest in eating.

On top of all the cool alligators they have there they have this amazing bird rookery! The pictures can’t do this justice. The boys took off on me here because I was just mesmerized. I think I took 100 photos along the bridges alone.

The trees are just filled with all different species of birds. The alligators swim in the water below and I swear they are just waiting for one of them to fall out of the trees.

So many of the birds had little babies in their nests. I was so nervous watching this little one. There were about 5 alligators below and I thought for sure he was going to fall out. He kept sticking his head of the nest and getting just a little to close to the edge.

They also have a ton of little pit stops along the way to take photos. This big turtle is actually right next to a little playground which made for a good little rest stop. As usual I rarely got in the photos and this is one of the only pics of me from the entire vacation.

I definitely recommend visiting the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park it was worth every penny. If you are all over the age of 10 and wear sneakers you can even zip line through the park along the tree tops. Johnny was very upset we couldn’t do this but we didn’t find it fair if Gavin couldn’t. We told him maybe when Gavin is older we can go back and visit next time we’re visiting my family.

Also, if you like them on Facebook you can buy your tickets ahead of time and even save $1 on each ticket!

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  1. Nichole T says

    That looks like a lot of fun! Not too far from me too! Maybe we will go when the kids get older! Looks like you had a blast! :o) Another reason for you to move to Florida! :oP

  2. Jennifer, your photos are amazing!!!

  3. Hey Jen says

    Stumbled! LOVED absolutely LOVED the egret and baby! Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Isn’t this great place to visit. Especially if you have a camera. Really good shots. I had to laugh when you spoke about not getting yourself into many of the images. I have very few of myself always to busy clicking.
    I started following you

  5. won says

    That second and eighth photo are awesome! Seriously in I think you should offer them up for sale (to me).

    Mean it.

  6. Larissa says

    While I’m not the biggest alligator fan, my daughter loves them. Thanks for sharing, will keep this is mind when I go to FL.

  7. Donna D says

    I would enjoy this.. I lived in louisiana and tried to catch a gator a few times.. always chickened out.. but I really enjoyed being there watching them.

  8. Erica G says

    This is only about 2 hours from me! I think my daughter would love it. I really want to see that albino alligator. Adding it to the list for things to do this summer.

  9. trishden says

    Sounds like the boys had a blast. I think I’ve been there many many years ago. The Botanical Park is more my speed, not thrilled with things that can eat me.

  10. Jackie says

    This looks awesome! I bet the boys loved it! I love the last photo of the alligator…it looks like it was smiling for the photo.

  11. Karen Propes says

    Wow Jennifer your pictures are fabulous. We went to an aquarium at the beach and Little Aubs feel in love with the alligators, I will definetly add this to my list of places must for the kids to enjoy!!! Some of the alligators look like they are smiling.. how cute!

  12. Angie R. says

    Our boys would love that! The albino one is cool!

  13. Robin Quick says

    This looks like such fun! My 13 yr old son would love it! We live in Alabama so maybe one day we can get dwn there to see it! Your photos are amazing! I love photography and was amazed how vibrant your photos are! Good job mom.. on the location and the pics!

  14. Personally I think your son’s shirt intimidated the alligators so he ruled!!! WOO HOO! KING OF THE SWAMP! Gotta love kids. Okay now tell us the truth did he pick out that shirt or did you? LOL Have a great day!

  15. eva says

    looks interesting! I love the bird picture! :]

  16. Kelsea says

    Wow, this place looks so cool! My boys love watching nature shows and just got finished watching one about crocodiles and alligators. I bet they’d have a blast there, too bad we live all the way on the west coast.

  17. WOW that photo of your son with the gators in the back is SCARY COOL! Love it!

  18. Rose says

    My son would absolutely love this. He is the biggest animal lover I hve seen as a kid. Someday I hope to be able to take the kids to Disney but we may have to make another trip to see some of the other great places Florida has to offer.

  19. shelly peterson says

    What an exciting place to visit, and a little scarey too. My son would love it there

  20. How cool! Can’t imagine how intimidating it was to take pictures with those alligators!

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