Celebrate Lance Snack’s 100th Birthday #spon

Birthday's are important here, especially milestone birthday's. I love making the parties I throw unique even though I'm often choosing classic themes you can find in any store. I like to make things that coordinate into the theme and make the party I'm throwing different from everyone else's. It doesn't have to cost a lot but in the end those DIY projects aren't only my favorite parts of the … [Read more...]

#Cottonelle is giving away FOUR (4) $10,000 bathroom makeovers!

I joke on facebook a lot about how we are germ weirdo's out in public. When we go out to a restaurant we have an entire routine and with Sawyer we practically sanitize the surrounding area. Don't get me wrong we have gone out without it all but if we can we want to make sure his place is clean. Could you imagine if you walked into a restaurant and they smeared the meal from the person … [Read more...]