Couponing: Get Your Coupons In Order!

I've been talking a lot on facebook about couponing and saving money. Now that I'm not working our budget is very limited and I need to try and save money for our family where ever I can. I've been talking a lot about getting my coupons together and putting a binder together. I have tons of coupons and keeping them organized in order to match them up to the weekly sales fliers is key. First I … [Read more...]

Coupons! How do you organize them? What tricks do you have?

I have recently fallen behind in my weekly coupon cutting. As you can see I think there are about 4-6 weeks here Yikes! Luckily none of them have started to expire. I do get 2 sets of each week's coupons. So it also makes it look like more then it is. If you have a CVS in your area, make sure to compare the P&G saver to it. You can save TONS of money each week and spend close to nothing on … [Read more...]

I {heart} CVS

So, I have stopped buying most toiletries at Walmart. I used to think I was getting the best deals there. But for the past few weeks I have been comparing the weekly ads at CVS to the Sunday paper coupons. I have noticed that the deals often go around the coupons. If you pay close enough attention you'll realize that there are some serious deals to be made. I went there yesterday and this was my … [Read more...]